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by caa522

Day 2 - Still dry fasting

I really never expected to go this far. I'm really surprised. Taking it 1-2 hours at a time now and see I feel. Besides it's Monday and things get a bit more hectic.

Date:   4/13/2015 7:30:55 AM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 433 times

5:16 am
I've gone past the 30 hour mark. I slept early last night. I woke up quite a few times to check the clock. Time seems slower than it usually is. Felt some mild leg cramping and also some mild soreness along side my spine and glutes from the beating I took with that massage yesterday.

I had my first food dream. It wasn't anything unusual really. I was attending some fundraiser lunch thing, buffet style. I asked where this lady got her food. She pointed me to where to go. When I got there the server said I didn't have the special pass (premium) and I had to go to the regular table. I got served salmon. She slapped the salmon on my plate and missed the first time. Kinda felt like prison or school cafeteria how it was glopped on my plate. Wasn't what I'd call an appetizing experience. It was such a non-event that I really had a hard time recalling what it was I was dreaming about. I'm recalling now another part of my dream. I was briefly taking care of an infant which I suppose was mine (didnt recognize it to be any of the kids I have).

Urinalysis this morning showed more ketones at 15mg/dl now (up one level). More protein detected in urine as well as bilirubin I think, and trace leukocytes. pH is now acidic at 6.5. Will check again.

I was hoping that sore on my tongue, after biting it a couple of days ago, would be better. It feels just as painful as yesterday, if not maybe even more so. Rather annoying. It hurts to talk.

I'm gonna try to go back to sleep even though it feels as I'm not really needing it.

realized I entered the ketone level incorrectly. There is no 10mg/dl. I meant to put 15mg/dl.

I never got to go back to sleep. My mind was just wide awake. Thinking thinking thinking. I decided to saute a big batch of organic ground beef. Some I set aside for spaghetti and tacos later tonight or tomorrow. The rest I added veggies and fried egg to make fried rice for the kids lunches. They ate some for breakfast too. My kids aren't big breakfast eaters. Ever since I became more informed about fasting I stopped ascribing to the belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don't push them about it anymore. I let my kids decided what they are feeling and honoring what their bodies are telling them. Now of course there are times if I know they have a run to do in PE or a field trip I encourage them to have a good breakfast. My kids actually know their bodies pretty well. My 5 yo I tried to get her to eat breakfast even if its just a few bites but often times she passes it up. I pack her snacks and a good lunch which they eat early at 11am. I really am becoming more aware of the rules/definitions about food that we tend to create and pass on to our children . My focus is trying to give them a healthy understanding about food and their bodies. The last thing I want to do is give them more reasons to feel conflicted. I used to have very strong opinions about eating junk food like pizza, dairy, and sweets. I'm less inclined to have hard rules about them. I feel most everything is permissible otherwise internal conflict may develop. I do believe foods carry an energy/vibration that raises our energy or lowers it. Just as in everything, including our thoughts. As a student in A Course In Miracles, food is really neutral. It's our perception that creates more harm than anything. You could have a relatively healthy meal but if you're vegetarian and that meal includes cheese or meats you can make yourself sick by eating it. Shrimp and crab could be seen as very healthy by most. Is it though? For myself, it is harmful as I am allergic to shellfish. I have come to the point of understanding that I try not to judge anyone's choice of diet. There is no need to debate what is good or bad, right or wrong. For every person, at a particular time in their life, whatever it is they believe is to be honored. They have a right to change their mind as many times as they believe. It doesn't mean I encourage anyone who is doing harm to themselves or others. I just feel that we are all doing our best with what we know. We all ultimately want to be at peace and want to be loved.

Okay I got very deep and preachy. 33+ hours of dry fasting maybe making me more insightful or frying my brain. You can be the judge. hahaha.
I'll probably re-read that later and wonder what the hell I was thinking and delete that stuff. Until then, it will remain.

Off to the gym to get some sauna time and see if I have energy to hop on that treadmill. I will make that 36 hour mark for dry fasting.


I made it past 36 hour mark! I got to the sauna. Usually I'm at the point where a couple of minutes in the sauna and I start to sweat. It seemed harder for my body to get sweatin this time. Even when my skin was very hot like sunburned. It seemed my sweat glands were not as easily coaxed to releasing the precious fluids as they usually are. Got on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Energy levels were fine. Ran 3 minute intervals 5.5-5.7 mph three times. I didn't feel tired or winded. I had a bottle of water ready just in case. I felt my lips get kinda dry. Went straight to chiro. Interesting with the adjustment. Usually my trouble spot is in my lower back. I'm lying on my left side and he body slams me and has always gotten a pretty good crack/snap. Interestingly, today was the first time there was no sound and no pain. I usually have my hand over my mouth from the initial pain a few seconds after the adjustment. None this time. There was a bit of a crack with lying on my right side but a very small one. I got home and did my coffee enema. I know there's this thing about not doing enemas when dry fasting whether it's the hard or soft DF. I know my body well and I'm okay with it. I feel so relaxed right now. I'm okay still thirst wise. I want to take a shower or soak but I'm feeling a bit challenged with getting out of bed right now.

Ohhh before I forget. During the night I got this itchy palms thing. I get that usually around one or two nights of the first 3 days of fasting. Weight wise I'm 138.6lbs (a pound above my lowest weight at the end of the first round of fasting) but my body fast percentage dropped lower by about 5% to 25.5% I'm not sure though about how accurate that figure is. Body's water composition affects how scale determines BF% because of how signal is gets transmitted. I don't know if that makes sense.

I'm off to have my quiet time with God.

A soak in the tub was just heavenly. It felt as if I had been camping for weeks and finally got back to civilization with running water. Waaaaattttteeeer.

As far as having a drink of it, I'm still good. My tummy has been a bit noisier with more gurgling and bubbling but nothing uncomfortable. I'm still okay in the thirst department. I don't feel like it's any struggle to avoid drinking water. I don't know but I'm finding this easier than water fasting. Perhaps it's mere coincidence I'm having an easier time. Maybe it's because it's my 2nd round shortly after my 1st one. Can't say for sure. I'm gonna have to have a few DF experiences under my belt before making any conclusions.

I mentioned before about my aunt doing the water fast. She's a day ahead of me. It's a nice added distraction for me. I'm more concerned about how she's doing than I am with myself. It is interesting to see how my mind set can make such a difference with my fasting experience. I don't have as much time to entertain doubts and fears. Well, my aunt is determined to go 10 days and I want to support her so it's easy to set the same goal at 10. She has a colonoscopy in 3 days so she's determined to stay on. She says she will see how she feels at 10 days but would like to go 20 days. I will do the same as that's how I typically operate as well. We are discussing about going on a weekend cruise together at the end of the month. It would be a nice little reward. Something to look forward to when this is done.

Spring cleaning my life and my body. I'm pretty excited to get back to more rigorous cardio/strength training. I've always been held back by pain/injury but I'm hoping things will be different this time. Maybe do insanity/P90/Zumba again.

It's safe to say I'll hit that 48 hour mark at 11pm. I would like to go till tomorrow. I do have something new I'm feeling this past hour. I'm feeling kinda nauseous. Im hoping that will resolve quickly. Feeling pretty tired. I'm signing off. Good night once again.

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