Blog: Fasting to jump start getting back to healthy eating/lifestyle.
by caa522

Day 4 - I Survived a very rough night!

Tough symptoms to deal with last night but after spending more time in contemplation I have a deeper understanding about all this.

Date:   4/2/2015 12:24:45 PM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 437 times

A bit of recap of yesterday. I had some jaw discomfort (sore and tight) but much of the morning and early afternoon went fine yesterday. Unfortunately, things started progressively getting worse. I started with a mild headache and it started to get worse, including the jaw pain. I went to bed around 11pm and woke up 3-4 times to pee. Yeeeesh. I just kept feeling my head, jaw (sides-masseter muscle), and neck hurting. I even felt my teeth and gums ache. My calves were also a bit sore. I started to go through those mind battles as in what the hell am I doing to myself? Why should I keep torturing myself when it could all go away by just eating. There was a war raging in my head and I felt so close to throwing in the towel. I woke up around 8 and felt pretty crappy still. At the peak of my headache last night it was just BRUTAL (migraine kind). I was so tempted to take a pain pill but I just tolerated it with sleep and it slowly improved. I've found that when things get really tough or temptations feel too much I just try to sleep it off. I still woke up with a headache but it wasn't the kind that makes you want to puke and take a sledge hammer to your head (sorry for that but that's what I felt). My jaw muscles are still sore but not as much as it did last night. One more set of interesting news was that the scale did not budge at all. (Interesting)

I've found that my fasting experience is so much in the head more than the body. As it is with everything in life, but the fasting experience makes it very palpable. I observed my mind and noticed how much resistance I had. I was focused on how hard Day 3 is. Well I thought, if I didn't label it as "Day 3" would I feel different about it? Certainly. If I identified "Day 3" as "Day 1" then I would have a different mindset. That's the first thing I learned today. I get hung up on Day labels and what "I THINK" to expect. I focus on detox symptoms that "I don't" want. And gosh darn it, I put myself through hell. I get so overly preoccupied with my body and what its doing. My new strategy is to treat each day like it's Day 1. Otherwise I will focus on "how hard" things are and that I've been deprived for this or that long of time. So, I had my quiet time out in the backyard and focused on what I want instead of what I don't want. I thought of appreciating how far I've come. Day 4 is a celebration. I am 4 days better than when I started. I was thinking of how great it feels to be in my desired perfect healthy state---cleaner and lighter.

I was surprised that the scale did not budge at all. I found that very interesting. Now that could be very discouraging for me because it's a nice psychological boost to motivate me through. Well from previous experience, I'd ruminate of why that happened. But this time, I quickly dismissed it and decided that wouldn't be enough to discourage me. It's just a number and focused on the good changes I've experienced already. Which is...I'm lighter, my skin feels amazing, and I know I'm helping my body do it's job quickly and more effectively.

Yesterday when others were having dinner (rib-eye and fried chicken) I felt deprived and that I was missing out. But I thought about those feelings and responded to it knowing there's nothing keeping me from having that anytime when I'm done fasting. Food will ALWAYS be there. I thought of how much the long term rewards of fasting are versus the quick fix of eating.

Praying helped me through that rough patch last night. I just kept repeating "God is my strength" and asked for Him to help me through.

Pheewww that was a long one for my first update. Check in again later on this post as it will be edited with the update (just as I've done with the previous posts)

1:15 pm and just wanted to add a few things before I forget. First, I had my quiet time outdoors (connecting to Source) and did some mind/energy clearing. It felt good to soak up some sun. I tried to release any preoccupations/worries/fears of how this day may go and replace it with positive loving intentions. I felt the presence of Source even deeper as this crazy strong gust of wind blew through my backyard for a minute or two. I feel more at peace and cleared of the mental noise.

Also, I forgot to mention that I did a coffee enema this morning. I feel that helped me. I still have this mild lingering headache but I can handle it.

I have been peeing much more than usual compared to the first couple of days. I remembered from my previous fasting experience when by body shifted to ketosis that was the first obvious signs. I just received my order for urinalysis reagent strips. Just in time! One of the tests are for ketones. Color result is mauve (starting to get dark purple). That confirms I'm in ketosis. So I'm burning that fat and processing those toxins in it.

I don't think I've mentioned but after the fast I plan to be even more careful with refeading. Easing very carefully into Paleo but lots of raw foods.

My stomach is rumbling. I'm off to the gym to sauna. I will also get on the treadmill but will take it easier than usual. I normally power walk with bursts of running intermittently. I will see how my body feels while I'm actually doing it but keeping my expectations to a minimum. I just want to get my body moving. I know I don't want to push my body but nurture it during this rapid time of healing.

Reminding myself to keep my thoughts on treating this as my Day 1.

I thought it was gonna be easier getting to gym but I wasn't feeling. But my Aunt called and she finished going to the gym and was feeling good. Hearing it motivated me to get off my butt and go. I was surprised to have more energy on the treadmill than I thought. I did 25 minutes brisk walking with 2 bursts of running for 2 minutes. I got pretty winded after the second run and reminded myself to take it easy.

Survived cooking and serving dinner for the family. Woo hoo. I just want to stretch out, watch TV, read and fall asleep. Only thing I'm feeling right now is tired and a bit weird in the head. Like what you feel when sleep deprived. Not really a headache but some pressure and fogginess.

Congratulations to all of us fasters for completing another day!!!

I can't believe it!!! I'm so excited to have another day under my belt. I know I keep saying "I can't believe it". lol. Warning: I will probably be saying that after each day I complete. Good night all.

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