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Day 38 - Transitioning

Day 38 - Transitioning onto Intermittant Fasting

Date:   2/18/2015 2:03:31 AM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 711 times

Day 38 of my 2015 fast, now I've been slowly transitioning and having some foods - first a very small amount for a few days on the eve of day 21 - then day 26, 27, 28 were again fasting on liquids only, then day 29 to now I've been taking small amounts of food along with a mainly liquid fast diet with my biggest things being half a rice stuffed red pepper on the 29th, a small bowl of veggie soup on the 33rd day made in the new vitamix copy blender I finally got myself, 1/2 cup of rice with 1/2 a fried egg & 2 small chicken breast strips on the 34th, 1 whole egg with a cup of rice on the 35th, etc - so it's been very small amounts of food.
In past fasts I've always had a kind of re-feeding appetite kick in when I did start eating, cravings & whatnot & generally had some normal size "meals" though it may have taken me a couple sittings to consume them the first few days of eating - certainly by a week or so of eating I was having much more food, eating some full meals at a time & feeling the effects of re-feeding - filling up again inside & the feeling of food in my system - putting some of the lost weight back on with this - feeling an appetite come back strongly & the urge to make up for some lost time there - Happy to report I've felt little to none of that this time round, and that my eating has been consistently small all the way up to day 38 now - I'm starting to experience some small hunger, but this is very subdued - cravings etc are not taking me over or if they are its easily put aside. I think this is a real evolution for me, coming off the fast really really slowly - I didn't do it with just broth and oj - I guess that would be more ideal the first few days, but I did it well without any problems & feel I'm still on the fast now even though I have started taking some food. So this is feeling more like a transitioning stage to me - I haven't filled myself up & grounded myself with food or experienced that fasting "crash" that happens when you really go back to eating... I was getting very low energy which is one of the reasons I started to take some food, was just getting very lethargic through a portion of the day, even though other portions saw me doing more activity, some days I really had to drag myself out of that - now that energy lack is gone, gone & my energy is very stable. I've been researching away - on the computer too much the last few days!!! But using that time on the computer to really start researching caloric counts of foods & come up with simple recipies for the 1:1 diet I now want to transit onto.. Today was the first day I really started getting my head around it - I made a really lo cal crab & cottage cheese dip and ate a carrot with it cut up into sticks - probably the hardest thing to digest I've eaten so far lol - I was thinking more about how I was going to manage to spread out 4-500 cals every other day during the fast days & I'm really starting to get it down - so day 40 of my fast is going to be my first official "fast diet day" of the intermittent lifestyle, & just going to keep going from there. It wouldn't suprize me if 500 cal days are less calories that a lot of my liquid diet days anyway, it will be interesting to see how my weight loss progresses on this diet & I can already see the benefits of eating this way and having to find such lo cal foods and recipes for the fast days in that - eating such a low cal diet every other day means you will end up with low cal foods in the fridge you made for the fast day and often end up eating them on the non fast days, even if you're not controlling the portions those days you've mde better choices eg, and the other factor, doing a low cal fast day every other day will curb the amount of food you eat the non fast days naturally as you just grow used to smaller healthier portions while still being able to go out and eat basically anything you like on the non-fast days. Because I live rurally & rarely eat out, most of my food is going to be just more & more healthy moving into this lifestyle & also using my awesome new blender which makes very healthy low cal foods so easily -- I made my first blender ice cream out of 3 frozen bananas, 2 dates, a couple macadamias & 3 handfuls of ice cubes the other day - I don't tend to eat more than a 1/2 cup of ice cream in a serve anyway, but it's nice to have a little bit & this stuff, wow, 1/2 a cup is probably about 30 cals lol, & it was so delicious, I think I honestly preferred it to all the other dairy based ice creams I've ever eaten, it was superb, why did I wait so long to get one of these machines :) lol... It also makes making things like this lo cal dip I created today really tasty & easy - I just whizzed a drained can of crabmeat with 170 g of lf cottage cheese I had leftover in the fridge (seems to last forever hmmm) with a sprig of mint, some lemon juice & a small piece of the lemon, salt, pepper a couple teaspoons of grain mustard, one tsp honey & some indian spice mix I had - because it blends so fine, the mint & piece of lemon made this dip really tasty - you really need that consistency to be able to do a lot of this super healthy stuff usually one would resort to heavier ingredients to get that kind of flavor but you don't have to with these blenders because you can use stuff like a piece of lemon, fresh herbs that just get totally blended etc... it's a real game changer where food is concerned... I made some peanut mylk also - comes in about the same as full cream milk for its calorie count, it's much more filling and rich though - had a warm cup of that this morning, that was my breakfast with maple syrup & vanilla - it made me very full! This could be a really good fast day breakfast for example, I could water it down a little & just use 3/4 cup of the mylk and add 1/4 cup water to thin the calorie count out a little more & on cold days this stuff warmed up in a mug is really filling, rich & warming. So it's been a wonderful fast once again, not so much over now as moving into this transition - the weather this week has turned colder & grey - lots of rain the last couple days, my last swim was on the weekend & it's now wednesday, so if the weather gets hot again and does this back and forth dance I may be inspired to do a few more liquid only days in that - just take it as it comes right now & really focus on creating ways to be successful with this new lifestyle. I'm not sure if I'll eventually transit from 1:1 Fast days onto 4:3 or 5:2 or just keep with 1:1 - I guess there will be times in the future where I'm away on retreat and sort of eat the retreat menu for a week and then come back to it, no big deal really - doing 4-500 calorie days when traveling sounds like more of a challenge - still part of that is just getting good at what I do & knowing how to do it. This is changing the items I need to buy - making things like cauliflower - greens - some lo cal stuff like lo cal milk & lo cal cottage cheese - ethyritol - seaweed to make seaweed salad, things like bunches of parsley to make lo cal tabouleh for fast days etc & lean meats like shrimp & chicken & fish for those days --- these are going to be on my next shopping list - the canned crabmeat was awesome -- because my bf won't probably be sharing all the things I make storing what I don't use right away etc is the other thing to do well - I hate waste...
I haven't weighed myself in ages, I must have lost at least 20lbs, maybe it's more I really don't know, I'll have to check when I get some new batteries for my scale. I feel cleansed, my tastes have changed & I really appreciate healthy things more & more due to this fast - fish & chips would make me very ill no doubt at this stage lol! I feel really good - very glad I've made the journey once again & much improved for it - it's also a real buzz now starting the lifestyle I've been wanting to get onto for the last couple years since I found out about it - nothing is going to sabotague me now, 2014 and that awful trial that friend put me through is far behind me, life is much smoother more stable and moving in a really good direction with a way to actually get our own place and build what we do on a really strong foundation before us - my bf's even turned a new and very big corner for him, he gave up smoking a week & a half ago & has really just done it, cold turkey - something he was totally hooked on since he was 11 years old, he also gave away the drinks & he's been wonderful - it's truly amazing to see, I never would have expected this, so loving it! If I blog any more after this it will probably be very focused for awhile on the recipes I'm coming up with for my fast days - it's a big new way of eating to learn & a lot of counting & working out what you like & can be comfortable with on those days. If you've only got 4-500 cals they really start to count! For me, the long ingrained habit of having several cups of tea or coffee or basically hot bevvie with some milk or half & half & sugar or honey is the one I really have to work out - especially in cold weather - so I'm thinking do I just use 3/4 of a cup of low fat milk per fast day with stevia or its equialent in these bevvies so I can still have a few t/out the day and only use up 70 cals with drinks, the rest of them being water or herbal teas etc... I can live with that lol, maybe almond milk is better that can come in at only 30 cal for 3/4 cup... it's all about working this stuff out now... skim milk powder lol, I'll work it out - is only the day after next :) Wish me luck with the new lifestyle, curezoners, it's really great to be starting it after such a wonderful fast, & much easier to transit onto such a lifestyle after really shrinking my stomach, appetite & expectations!
All the best to all of you out there reading & improving your own health through the site :)

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