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Feast:Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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                                      Happy Birthday Holy Mother Queen of Heaven!!!

Veronica's vision of the birth of Our Lady... 


"You have witnessed, my child, the arrival of my beloved daughter, my first and only child, one whom I cherished--a true miracle from the Father." - Saint Anne, September 7, 1973

Veronica - ... afar into the distance. It's like looking at a motion picture. I see a small town, and the houses seem to be made of, sort of mud ... Hard, baked mud. I'm looking now at a small house. It has a very large room in the front. I notice the door is made of just a slab of wood, and at the side of the door there are like ridges, and the door looks like it's held onto the rest of the wall piece by large pieces of ... oh, it looks like wooden spikes that have been hammered into open sections, holes. They don't look at all like our doors here that we use ... the bolts to hold them in place.

Now I'm looking into the house. Everything there looks very rough and handmade. The table is a large piece of wood. No, it's made of three sections like the tree has been cut in half and three sections placed together; and also, the legs of the table are made cross-wise, like this, and held in place by ... also, these wooden, not spikes, but wooden ... almost like wooden nails, pegs, hold it in place. I guess the legs are balanced by the weight of the top of the table.

Now I see a lady. Oh, she's not a very young lady, oh, well, she looks like she might be about 45 or 50 years old, and she's quite heavy in expectancy. Now she's walking about the room and sitting down by the table. Now on the table is a very large loaf of--I know it's bread. It's--looks very rough, and she is breaking the bread.

And now she is bringing over from the side of the room...there's cut like, made like a fireplace, and there are a lot of stones in the fireplace and sections of wood. And now there's an iron--I guess it's iron, a metal rod that's going in between the stones; and there's a hook made of some kind of metal. It's very black looking; and it's holding a very rough-looking--I guess you would call it a pot. It's a huge kettle, sort of. And now the fire is coming from the stones and the pieces of wood, and there's something cooking in this large pot--kettle.

And now the lady is walking very slowly over, and she has a large wooden type of scoop. And she is now going down into this pot and pouring what looks like soup, I guess. It looks like soup, but it's--looks like a mixture of long, like--oh, celery. Some type of vegetable, I guess; but it's something that I have never seen before. It looks like almost a grass-type of vegetable, and she's pouring it into bowls. The bowls, now, are ... the bowls are very strange. They're made of wood. They look like they've been carved out by someone. They're not smooth. They look like they've been carved out by hand.

Now there's a man coming in the door. He's also, well, he's not a really old man, but he's, I think, about, oh, 55 or 60.

Now he's sitting down. And I notice that now the lady is looking up, and she's shaking her head "Yes." Now the man is going over, and she's ... he's helping the lady from this bench she was sitting on. She was going to eat the soup, but she has left it now, and she is going into the other room.

It's a very small room. It's a very poor-looking house. But back off the back room is a larger room, and inside this room is a lot of wood. And I see like, it looks like ... oh, a woodworking shop, because there are tools, very rough-looking tools, like they were made by someone. Nothing looks finished like we have. Everything looks very rough. And I see the large spikes of metal. And over to the side I can see almost like the table, two cross-legged, and then a piece of wood through ... The man is making what looks like a cradle. It's a basket-type of thing, a cradle.

And now in that room that's next to where this is all being made there is, I guess, a bed. It's not a very comfortable-looking bed. It looks like it's been made of wooden blocks, just like a large piece of wood. But it's--there's a lot of, like, dried grass and then like a yellow-looking sheet tucked underneath, so it looks like it's only about, oh, 12 inches thick.

But now the man is leading the lady over, and she's lying down. She looks very pained and distressed--no, she's not distressed, but I do think she's in very, very severe pain.

And now the man is going out into the front room, and he's placing another one of those kettles, and now he's blowing; he's blowing. And he has like--looks like a large piece of woven, like from palm, and he's fanning the fire like this; and now it does make the pot boil. It's beginning to smoke a bit out of it. And now he is dipping pieces of sheeting, it looks like muslin.

Now two ladies have come into the room, and they are--are taking the rags, or whatever they are, and placing them on a piece of wood and carrying them very excitedly into the room, in the second room.

Now the man, he's sitting down on a chair; he looks very worried. And he's sitting there, and--now it seems that he is waiting and waiting and I see him now on his knees. He's raising his hands above his head, and he's praying. And now he has--he has bowed his head down to the ground, down to the ground, far down to the ground.

The Birth of Mary

And now one of the ladies has come out of the other room; it doesn't have a door, and you can't see from the front room into the room. But one of the ladies is coming out, and she's speaking to him. And he's getting up from his knees, and he's sitting in the chair. Then the other lady came out, and she's very much excited, and they all went back into the room.

And now I can hear noises. They are--there are cries of--very, very low cries, and I recognize them as a baby's cry. And now everyone is smiling.

And now at the door there's a great light! The doorway from the front room into the room where the lady is lying now in the bed. I can see her; looks very, very tired, but she is smiling now. And now the two ladies come over, and one is carrying a small, little bundle wrapped in ... oh, it looks like muslin. Now they're placing it down by the lady on the bed. Oh, she is so happy.

Now I can see over to the right there are two large figures, beautiful figures. Oh, I know they're angels. Oh, there are two beautiful figures of angels, and they're just, oh, they're just beautiful, tremendous in size. The whole room is all aglow, but I don't think that the man notices the light; it's very bright.

Now I'm going over, I'm moving over. I am able to look down, now. Oh, I'm right by the lady's bed. Oh, there's a little child, a very pretty little child. Her face is so pretty; I know it must be a girl. (pause) Oh - h - h.

And now above her bed, over her head, I see a large crown of stars, and written in the stars, in between the crown, in golden letters there,

M - A - R - Y. Oh - h - h, it's "MARY." Oh - h - h. Oh, how beautiful.

Now it's growing very, very dark, and I can't see the house. All I can see outside now is--there is a donkey, a donkey. He's walking around the house, and at the side of the house ... It's a very rough house, they don't have any glass in the windows; it's just open. And now there was a piece of that muslin-looking sheet put over the window. I can't see in that window. But the donkey, now, is eating what looks like dried grass, straw, at the side of the house.

Now the man is coming outside by the door. He is very, very happy, and he's running very fast; he's running and running. Oh, he's running into ... oh, look! It's--it's--well, it looks sort of like different from the other houses, but has a big star on the top of the door, like this, six points on it, a star. And he's pulling, he's pulling a man out of the--out of this place. Oh, I know what it is, now. It's--it's sort of a Jewish temple. And he's pulling him; and this is a very old man he's pulling by the hand.

Oh, he's dressed in a long, long black robe, this man, and he has a very long beard. It's way down to his, almost down to the middle of him. And he's pulling him now to the house; and they're both entering the house. Oh, I know, he's a man of God, like clergy, a rabbi, a rabbi. And now they're going into the house. And now it's growing very dark, and I can't see any more. Oh - h - h.

Now the whole house has a rainbow around it. Oh, the whole house has a beautiful rainbow. The colors are, oh, such beautiful colors of blue and gold and pink. Oh, it's covering just the whole area of the house. It's a very, very, poor-looking house. I ... I don't think I ever saw a house that looked like that. It looks like it was made by people, I mean with their hands. Oh - h - h. Oh - h - h. Oh - h - h.

The house--it's becoming very bright again. And I see two ladies coming down now over on the left side of the flagpole. There are two ladies coming down. Oh, it's beautiful. There's an older lady, and now she has what looks like a young girl with her. Oh, no, it's Our Lady. I recognize Her. She's--oh, oh - h - h, it is St. Anne, Her mother. It's Mary and St. Anne. Oh, how beautiful. Oh, they look so happy.

Now St. Anne is coming over. She's coming down very close, very close, over by the flagpole. Oh, she is just so happy. And she said--I--St. Anne--I can barely hear her voice, her words are so low.

Mary - St. Anne's First and Only Child

St. Anne - "You have witnessed, My child, the arrival of my beloved daughter, my first and only child, one whom I cherished - a true miracle from the Father." (Eve of the Nativity of Our Lady - September 7, 1973) 


Directives from Heaven...

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Happy Birthday to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our beautiful Queen! 

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