Blog: 30 day juice fast
by cocodrilo

30 day juice/water fast (part 2 of the past 30 day weight loss)

Lost 20 pounds so far!!!!

Date:   8/6/2008 11:19:38 PM   ( 14 y ) ... viewed 4663 times

Day 2, Sunday July 20, 2008
weight: did not weigh

I woke up this morning with a pasty tongue. I went gym early and worked out. Had a fruit juice in the morning and vegatable juice in the afternoon. We went to San
Antonio to drop off my daughters at a youth conference. We stayed in a hotel that
evening. I ordered pizza for my kids. I went to excerise while they ate the pizza. I did have craving to eat, but did not give in. After my 45 minute cardio work out, I drank some orange juice and some cranberry juice with green vibrance.

Day 3, Monday July 21, 2008
weight: did not weigh

Drank orange juice in the morning. Had a fruit smoothie for lunch. On the way
home from San Antonio, drank cranberry juice diluted with water and a scoop and
green viberance.

Day 4, Tuesday, July 22, 2008

weighed 218; total loss 15 lbs

Today decided to do a water fast for 36 hours. I wondered if I would have enough
energy. Was surprised by my energy level. Worked out this morning. Did 45 minutes
of cardio. Then spent 15 minutes in dry sauna and 15 minutes in the steam room.
Had some green tea during the day. The desire to eat has practically disappeared.
Not even experiencing hunger pains. Noticed my skin was a bit oily. Tongue is still has pasty white film.

Day 5, Wednesday, July 23, 2008

weighed 216; total loss 17 lbs

This morning woke up and drew a bath. Put in some epsom salt and soaked for
about 30 minutes. Had a bm that was definitely toxic. Won't go into detail. Today I completed my water/tea fast after working out this morning. Felt sort of a
runner's high while doing cardio. I walked for 45 minutes and then did the dry/steam sauna for 30 minutes. Felt refreshed and energized. Had a vegatable juice after the work out. Took the kids to the mall for skating and a movie. Had a strawberry/pineapple/blueberry chill. Came home and drank some distilled water.
at night had a strawberry/blueberry/lime chill. Also had some vegetable broth. I did cheat a little bit and had less than an oz of kashi go lean. Been reading 14 super foods. Have learned alot. I look forward to eating cleaner once I am off the juice fast.

Day 6, Thursday, July 24, 2008

weight 214.2; total weight loss 18.8 lbs

Slept well last night. Got about 7 hours. Got up around 9:00 am. Took a shower
and went to work out. No liquid in the morning. Bought some green tea. Has
15gms of sugar. Also took my left over strawberry/drink. I did 45 minutes of walking and one hour on the eleptical. Finished my green tea and fruit drink. I also drank some distilled water. Feeling strong. No hunger pangs.

Went to the mall with my family to walk. I ate some dipping dots. I had bm at the mall. Not out of the ordinary, but not very much. Came home and tried to drink some soup broth. It didn't turn out too well. I blended some carrot and potato. The consistency was too thick so I added water. It made it taste worse. I tried to fix it with some no sodium broth and NuSalt. It tasted even worse. I had to dump it. Made some broth from scratch. Could not handle flavor from no sodium broth. Has a bitter after taste. Don't now if I can ever get use to it. Broke down and added some Knorsuiza (spanish boullion-bit high in sodium). Drank about 12oz. Soaked in tube for about an hour. Felt like I wanted to have bm, but nothing happened. Read some more of superfoods. Finished the sections on salmon, spinach, soy and blueberries. Very insteresting stuff. Will definitely incorporate the foods into my diet. Feeling a little dehydrated after my bath. Drank some H2O and squeezed some fresh OJ. I was surprised how sweet it tasted. Had to dilute with more water and ice. Went to be about 1:30 a.m.

Day 7, Friday July 25, 2008

Weight 213, total loss to date 20 lbs

I have made it seven days so far. I never would have believed if you told me I would have lasted 7 days without eating a solid meal a couple of months ago. My wife had just bought me a new grill for my birthday in May. I was looking forward to grilling every day this summer. We did use the grill quite a bit in May and June, but since we tapered off the red meat completely, I haven't used it at all.
I was really getting excited about trying different meat recipes. For now,
my thinking has changed quite a bit. I want to eat clean a eliminate red meat from
my diet for as long as I can.

This morning I woke up a 8:00 a.m. Had a bm. More than usual, but not very
different from normal. Wednesday was the only day I seem to have a detox bm. I am
feeling rested and energized. Will drink a fruit drink I made yesterday from
nectarines, plums, oranges and apple diluted with water. I will add some vibrance
for extra nutrition. I will also squeeze some fresh oj. I am getting ready for my trip to Utah tomorrow. May begin another water fast for Saturday or may incorporate some green tea. I'll will see how I feel. I really believe
the 36 hour water fast really helped me clear out some toxins and drop 3 pounds rather quickly. After seeing my progress so far, I have set a goal of reaching 180 lbs before finishing my juice fast. That would be a total weight lost of 53lbs. At the rate I losing weight, I think will continue my juice diet for another 34 days. That should put me on August 28 completing my juice diet. I belive I can make it. I then will incorporate a light fruit and vegatable diet for a week. The following week will eat 75% raw and 25% cooked.

I plan to continue this type of diet and exercise regimen until I reach my target
weight of 160lbs. I woke up this morning and went to the gym. I did not want to drink any liquids until I weighed myself. I weighed in at 213. I have loss 20 lbs. I feel great. I brought a gallon of distilled water and 16 ozs. of fresh squeezed diluted orange juice. I began with 30 minutes of walking. Walked a total of 2 miles. I then switched over to the eliptical for 1 hour. I was drinking water every twenty minutes. Felt great during my exercise. Feeling movtivated and thinking clearly. After my workout I did fifteen minutes in the dry sauna and about 10 in the steam. I left the steam room because I felt I was reaching my limit. Didn't bother to weigh myself because I was soaking wet.

Came home and made a vegtable drink. I think I found my drink. I loved it.

2 green apples
2 carrots
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of romaine
1 small beet

I really enjoyed it. I think the apples, carrots and a beet will be my base from now on and I will add the other greens on a rotating basis. I then drank some water and diluted fruit juice. My kids were hungry so I whip them up some soy spaghetti. They loved it. I'm looking forward to trying new recipes with soy.

Well I tried some the soy recipes and I loved them. I broke down an ate some solid
food. I tasted several spoon fulls of the soy spaghetti sauce I made for the kids. It was divine. I savoured every spoon slowly and chewed the soy and onion until it was liquid in my mouth. Feeling a little guilty I made some fresh squeezed orange juice for the family. After the kids returned from the pool I made them some quesadillas with soy. I made three special taco for my baby. She offered the forbidden fruit and I gave in. I ate one soy taco. It tasted wonderful. Tomorrow I will get back on the wagon. I've dropped 20 pounds in three weeks, I don't think one soy taco and five spoonfuls of soy spaghetti sauce will send reeling back to my old habits I going to make some soy tacos for my mom to see what she thinks.

I had three more soy tacos and some watermelon before I went to bed. I feel guilty, but it is not overwhelming. Tomorrow is a new day. I'll be leaving to Utah with the kids. Will do a vegatable/am and fruit/pm combo tomorrow with a lot of water. On Sunday will do a water only day.

On a more positive note, while we were at Walmart, I check my blood pressure. I
checked it 3 times. The first two times were 121/80, 121/79 and the last one was
111/73. My blood pressure has dropped quite a bit. I remember my numbers before
my exercise and diet regimen were 130s/upper 80s. I remember on one occassion not
too long ago I was 145/90 something which was in the hyper-tension catagory.

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