Fasting to jump start getting back to healthy eating/lifestyle.
by caa522
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Day 4   7 y  
A challenging day so far with detox symptoms
12pm I could say itís a beautiful warm sunny day here in Southern California except the gusty Santa Anna winds blowing everything all over the place. Energy around always feels uncomfortable when it does. Electronics get a bit glitchy and it does strange things to people, kinda like the moon. Perhaps this is how mother nature clears out and transmutes negative energy or maybe a collective shift in energy. Didnít get much sleep last night. I have a bad headache. The throbbing painful kind ugh. My jaw is tight and my neck feels sore. I have bit of time before I pick up my kids. ...   read more

Day 3 --- Should I be feeling this good?   7 y  
That's a crazy question but seriously started to get anxious about going so long dry fasting for my first try. Ended dry fast late in the afternoon and switched to water fast.
1:11am So I had been asleep since 11pm. I woke up to pee and have been having some worries. I wonder if DF (50hrs now) can affect anxiety levels at this point. Well, when Iím not fasting I donít experience anxiety any more than the average person so Iím just wondering. Off topic...So you know how I mentioned in my previous post about numbers. I saw on my laptop 1:11am and battery charge 83% (8+3=11). I decided to check my phone and it showed 1:11am 38% battery charge and 56F (5+6=11) temp. Synchronicities...but I digress. Back to whatís relevant. I felt my right hip bothering ...   read more

Day 2 - Still dry fasting   7 y  
I really never expected to go this far. I'm really surprised. Taking it 1-2 hours at a time now and see I feel. Besides it's Monday and things get a bit more hectic.
5:16 am Iíve gone past the 30 hour mark. I slept early last night. I woke up quite a few times to check the clock. Time seems slower than it usually is. Felt some mild leg cramping and also some mild soreness along side my spine and glutes from the beating I took with that massage yesterday. I had my first food dream. It wasnít anything unusual really. I was attending some fundraiser lunch thing, buffet style. I asked where this lady got her food. She pointed me to where to go. When I got there the server said I didnít have the special pass (premium) and I had to go to the regul ...   read more

Day 1 (Round 2) - First attempt to dry fast (no water/food)   7 y  
14 days since I started round 1 of water fast. I completed 9 whole days. I started my water fast 11pm last night.
This fast is a water fast with periods of dry fasting. Last time I had anything including water was 11pm last night. I woke up this morning with inflammation/edema. I kinda expected it with eating Chinese food yesterday. Thatís how my body typically responds the next day after eating restaurant/fast food. I also had more mucus. Lungs felt heavier and phlegmy. I did lots of outdoor hiking yesterday so Iím not sure how much allergies might have contributed. Interestingly my stomach felt full still as if I just had a meal. I felt thirsty but it was easy to ignore. I went to sauna ...   read more

Food and more revelations   7 y  
Learning more things about myself This is the last day of a 4 day break from first round of fasting. I begin the next round tomorrow.
I didnít have a single chance to post yesterday as it was an all day even at my motherís starting at a Chinese restaurant. I really wanted to be more controlled with myself but I believe being anxious and future focused for days set things up. I was agitated that morning trying to get myself and my family ready and be on time. Tensions got pretty high. I wanted to just have maybe some jasmine tea and broth of the won ton soup but I ended up eating a bit of everything. I seemed to had just gone on auto pilot in my head. Ugh my stomach. Honestly I didnít eat a lot but Iíve forgotten ho ...   read more

What a day. Disaster and revelation.   7 y  
What a morning!!!
My mom is having her birthday party at a Chinese Restaurant tomorrow at 1pm. Actually, she wants us to spend the night there at her place tonight or tomorrow. So, first of all there is no way my family cannot notice me not eating. Iíll be in some giant round table facing everyone. Everyone is going to notice Iíve lost weight already. Iíve got one of those bodies that 5lbs gained or lost is pretty evident. Iím Asian petite but muscular. The appearance of my face also makes subtle weight gain/loss evident. I saw my Aunt (Dadís side) today and she gave me ĒWhat happened to the meat on yo ...   read more

Still feeling pretty good   7 y  
Since I temporarily broke my fast yesterday, I really made a shift. You will notice in my blog there's not as much mention on the physical experience as previously. Rightfully so after AHA moments yesterday.
First of all. I think I better get the physical basics out of the way. Overall continue to feel pretty good. Iím still in ketosis based on urinalysis test strip results. The most obvious thing to note this morning is my face. I guess for some reason that was what stood out most when I woke up. At first glance the marked change of bone structure (cheeks, jaws) being more defined and eyes appearing larger or more prominent than usual, seemed to feel like it aged me. My lower back isnít as painful as a couple of days ago. I have my period so Iím sure thatís affected things while on the ...   read more

I've fallen but gotten right back up =)   7 y  
Yesterday I officially broke the waterfast. I thought for a moment that perhaps it was time to re-feed. However, with prayer and meditation I felt I needed to do this for the non-physical healing and spiritual.
So as I mentioned yesterday I broke the fast. Typically I really plan things out and get my mind ready for re-feeding or Iíve cracked and just tired of not eating and just wing it. Of course I usually go the first route as I know the second one never works out well. So, here I go getting deeper on my relationship with food and my body. As a student of ĒA Course In MiraclesĒ (ACIM) I have become aware of how this world, and definitely the body is a tool most used for guilt and shame. It doesnít have to be that way. We perceive things two ways, through that of the ego (causes pain and s ...   read more

Ayayay I didn' expect that happening today.   7 y  
Not as I had anticipated it would turn out but the fast is officially over.
6:40 pm I am entering this post today much later than usual. I had already typed a long one earlier this morning. Computer snafu resulted in loss of the info. So am having to start over from scratch. So before I went out with the hubby last night I was already quite exhausted. We ended up pretty much gone much of the night. My lower back was really bothering me making it difficult to be comfortable sitting. As the night wore on I started to get sharp pain on the lumbar of my spine also on the lower left side of my back. Itís one thing to feel uncomfortable, nauseous, exhausted, ...   read more

Day 8 - So grateful to have made it this far   7 y  
Who would have thought I'd be able to post for the 8th day of this fast. I thank God for the strength He has given me.
6am I donít usually blog this early but I canít sleep. Iím actually tired but my mind wonít shut down. I got up to go to the bathroom and saw more definition to my face and body. It truly is amazing how quickly WF changes your body. Last night before going to bed I felt bothered by 2 things. I donít know what was going on with my GI but I felt a bit bloated. It seemed like trapped air as Iíd hear sounds of bubble here and there and grumbling. Also my lower back was really bothering me to the point I wanted to take a pain pill. As of this morning I really donít seem to have any disc ...   read more

Day 7- I MADE IT! The furthest I've gone to date.   7 y  
It's Easter and sights and smells of food are everywhere.
Last night I slept about 1am. I seemed to still have pretty decent energy. I woke up a few times to go to the bathroom. One thing that somewhat bothered me were the sore quads and calves. I finally decided to spray my legs with magnesium oil and went to bed. I woke up this morning at 8 with no leg soreness anymore. I felt weak and tired so I went back to bed. Woke up 9ish and still felt crappy. Went back to bed for the last time and got up at 10:40. It was the most fatigue I felt this entire fast. Exhausted would be more appropriate. I also felt my back bothering me. I could alm ...   read more

Day 6- Hallelujah!   7 y  
Waking up this morning feeling fantastic!
Official results of weigh in this morning is total loss of 7.4 lbs and hovering at the same body fat of about 33%. Now this seems slower than most others I see who post but I just want to mention again this is not a pure water fast as I tweak it a bit (please check my previous post for more details) but I donít think it hampers the benefits and still feel for myself it is 95% or more of just water only. Also, I donít have as much weight to lose as I have about 15 pounds to get to my ideal weight for my height. Iím not a big fan of using Body Mass Index (BMI) to indicate oneís level of h ...   read more

Day 5 - Here we go!!!   7 y  
Overall day is pretty uneventful. Not much physical stuff other than general fatigue. Focus is on keeping my mind off of food.
Last night I thought I was going to go right to bed but that didnít happen. I ended up sleeping after midnight. The left side of my neck was sore and I started to get a headache. Kinda like when you get a tension headache. I did a couple of things which kept me awake longer. I did a coffee enema to see if that would clear out any toxins. Also had some Himalayan sea salt with warm water and Fulvic/Humic - Ionized minerals. Didnít feel any of those things made enough of a significant change to notice. Iím still glad I did them since I know I was doing something good to assist my body ...   read more

Day 4 - I Survived a very rough night!   7 y  
Tough symptoms to deal with last night but after spending more time in contemplation I have a deeper understanding about all this.
A bit of recap of yesterday. I had some jaw discomfort (sore and tight) but much of the morning and early afternoon went fine yesterday. Unfortunately, things started progressively getting worse. I started with a mild headache and it started to get worse, including the jaw pain. I went to bed around 11pm and woke up 3-4 times to pee. Yeeeesh. I just kept feeling my head, jaw (sides-masseter muscle), and neck hurting. I even felt my teeth and gums ache. My calves were also a bit sore. I started to go through those mind battles as in what the hell am I doing to myself? Why should I ke ...   read more

Day 3- I can't believe it's here!   7 y  
Holy wow!!! It's April 1, 2015 and I'm officially in the middle of Day 3. When getting started, 3 feels like a long ways away. But I'm here! I feel elated!
First things first. I have lost approximately 2 pounds with each day of the fast. Second, I canít believe itís day 3!!!! I am just so grateful itís been easier to get this far than itís been before. Easier in the sense that there was less struggling and resistance involved so far. It makes a difference being able to meditate and pray through this fast. I feel that things are seeming to align better to help me get through this. You know how Little things can get in the way like family gatherings or events that you canít get out of. You have no choice but to brace yourself and pray f ...   read more

Day 2 - Thrilled to get done with Day 1   7 y  
I'm continuing to feel pretty motivated being on this water fast where quitting is not an option!
Woke up this morning feeling sluggish. I slept at 10ish and woke up at 7am. Thatís more sleep than I typically ever get (4-5 hrs). I slept pretty well except the few times I woke up feeling itchy mostly abdomen, as well as chest and arms. I donít know itís this strange thing I get when I go on a fast. Iíve looked into this before. I suspect Cholestasis (has to do with the bile and liver) or toxins released or both. It makes sense in a way with Cholestasis since when fasting you are not releasing and bile to digest. Perhaps there is a build up and/or blockage doing this. The intere ...   read more

Day 1 Fasting   7 y  
Getting back to taking care of my health and feeling better
Iíve done the Master Cleanse with the longest 27 days. Iíve done several water fasts with the longest being 5 days. I donít have any hard rules with the fast. I know there are many purists out there who want to follow a particular method but this is a modified fast tailored for myself. I want to primarily do a liquid fast (mostly water). But I would like to include lemon juice, diatomaceous earth, and liquid minerals depending on what my body is feeling. Iím also okay with taking sparkling water. My focus is to give my body a break from digestion and divert all my energy to healing ...   read more

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