Fasting to jump start getting back to healthy eating/lifestyle.
by caa522
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Day 2 - Dry fasting   9 y  
It's 9:30am. I'm still in this. I feel hunger but I am determined to see this through.
Iím in 35 hours of dry fasting. This is not an absolute dry fast. So I am okay with having contact with water. I went to bed about 2am last night. Between 12:30 and 2am I felt hunger. This was uncomfortable but not painful. It certainly made for interesting mind games. I had some mild itching. Iíve noted before in my previous fast that I have this itchy all over body events between 24-48 hours of my fast. I suspected it had to do with my liver (Cholecystasis) but Iím wondering if it could be something else. Nevertheless, I donít want to focus too much on the physical aspect. I ha ...   read more

I'm back dry fasting - Day 1   9 y  
I'd like to do 48-72 hours of dry fasting and then possibly switch to water fasting. I like to go with the flow with seeing how my body feels during the fast and take cues from that to decide how far to go. One day at a time.
So my last dry fast a couple weeks ago ended prematurely due to high temps here in So Cal. During this time I had the family started on a parasite cleanse. We just finished up the first round so starting a dry fast works perfect at this time. Also,things have cooled off and temps should be comfortable enough to try dry fasting again. I started dry fasting 10pm last night. Itís been a pretty easy day actually. I kept myself busy enough (not too much) to keep my mind off of fasting. I had a couple of challenging moments. First was during lunch. I cooked orange chicken and egg rolls ...   read more

Having to modify my fasting plan due to hot weather   9 y  
It's 12:26 pm and we hit 90F already.
Last night was hot and unusually humid for California. Nights are usually pretty cool this time of year. I decided to break my fast last night. Things we donít necessarily anticipate happen and Iím am practicing to let go of resistance to what is and go with the flow . I will do more meditating and praying this day to see what to do from this point.   visit the page

Day 2 of Dry fasting   9 y  
The battle is not so much with the body as it is with my mind.
11:44pm Wow I am so grateful to have completed that first 24 hours. It is during this time that one can be most vulnerable to giving up. Well, at least from my experience. I say to myself that I can always start over tomorrow. Now there is nothing wrong with doing that if you ultimately do. Everyone has their reasons and far be it for me to judge that. However, my intention is to use this fast as an offering to God that it is my will to know His Truth. I am willing to lay aside all that distracts/detracts me from understanding The Truth. Whatever I can learn, whatever wisdom I may ...   read more

Day 1   9 y  
First day of dry fasting is quite uneventful. I slept through much of it. Didn't anticipate this hot weather to be a factor but it may perhaps change my plans.
If you look back at my previous fasting posts I can be very detailed with my observations of thoughts, feelings, and physical symptoms. I am actually doing this fast with the hope I can be less preoccupied/identified with the body and increase my connection to Spirit/Source. Iíve spent much of my life being preoccupied with healing the body and donít feel that much physically healthier. As a student of ĒA Course In MiraclesĒ , I know Iíve learned illness is from the Mind and projected onto our bodies. I have a great many beliefs about the body all of which I have learned from the wo ...   read more

Time for another round dry fasting. Starting Day 1(10pm)   9 y  
It's been 5 months since my last fast and post here. I've had big leaps with spiritual growth but physically on the decline.
I am in definite need of a fast to reset things physically once again. A few changes in my life has affected my physical well being. I was pretty regular with brisk walking 40 minutes 3-5x a week and running 20 minutes 2-3x a week. My physical activity started to diminish. I twisted/sprained my ankle and affected me quite a bit. It hurt to put weight on my foot and was very limited with how much I could stand and walk. Itís better now but I canít seem to get back to exercising. Iíve put back on some weight about 10 pounds. The frustration of being limited has affected me emotionall ...   read more

Was up till 3am last night.   9 y  
Despite having less than 3 hours of sleep. I actually don't feel tired. I am having one of those very surreal mornings.
Perhaps it was all that coconut oil (MCT) that I had yesterday plus a few glasses of mineral/vitamin concoctions. My minds seems clearer as well. Maybe the chaotic thoughts and emotions were just from the sudden infusion of nutrients overwhelming my brain circuitry. Or body saying enough fasting already. lol. I canít remember if I mentioned in my previous post but Iíve felt a systemic inflammation flare up the last couple of days. So thatís enough about my body. Thatís about all the time I want to give to my ego otherwise I could go on and on analyzing and really getting nowhere. ...   read more

Day 2 - post 44 hour dry fast   9 y  
Thoughts and reflections
I updated yesterdayís post with a bit more info but Iím starting this message/post with a reflection on something that happened yesterday. I figured it is best to reserve it for today because my morning quiet times are when I reflect best. I have to apologize in advance because I didnít type this all up in one shot. I just didnít have the time to so things may not actually flow. I had to stop in the middle too many times and to jump back a few hours later made it hard for my brain to work it all out. Iíve had to redo and delete a few times so Iíve given up. Iím posting it as is sim ...   read more Reflections (part 2)   9 y  
A continuation of my reflection. I've spent a few hours in bed alone with God and my thoughts. I have another 4 hours so I may just get to part 3. =)
11:11 am May 6 (5+6=11) 63F 33-steps on pedometer app (on phone) Again numbers affirming my current thoughts. Haha just looked at my laptop and batt charge is 65% (6+5=11). I feel peace. Amazing how much that means to me. Nothing on the outside has changed. Not one thing. Whatever ĒproblemsĒ I believe to have has not changed. I am the same mother and wife, daughter, sister, etc. Every single thing in this worldly experience EXTERNALLY has not changed. Only what is going on inside me has. From this I have peace. How often can I truly say I experience this in a day, a week, ...   read more

The end of a short round 4. Reflections.   9 y  
Fasting, as in everything, can be a means of keeping us caught up in more illusions (preoccupations) or open us up to truths and revelations. It's a journey of both for me this past month as you notice in my blog of what seems to be vacillations of madness.
The more I fast, the more I am made aware of the madness that goes on in the mind. Itís like the dog chasing itís tail. The dog is running like crazy in circles and sometimes frustrated and angry at itís inability to catch the offender (an illusion of course). When listening to my ego, I recognize I move from one frantic goal to the next thinking there I will find peace and joy with every single attempt I take. If I just solve this problem or fix this then all will be right. Yep been chasing my tail for a while now. The illusion that gives me a brief moment of satisfaction and yet ne ...   read more

Day 2 - (Round 4) Dry fasting - still going   9 y  
Grateful to feel pretty darn good right now. Let's see how the rest of the day goes.
Iím 33 hours into dry fasting. Went to bed about 11:30pm and woke up around 1:30am and kept checking the clock every half hour. My mind was just pretty alert. I felt rested enough that it seemed like it was time to wake up. Well at about 4:30am I just decided what the heck and get an early start. When Iím fasting I just donít seem to need as much sleep at night. I will probably need an afternoon nap but when you add it all up it still seems less than what I usually need and yet I feel pretty rested. I definitely like the lightness that I feel. Movement feels effortless. My stomac ...   read more

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