My 120 Day Broad Fast
by celery stick
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Mean Green   8 y  
I ate some regular food and then started counting my time again. Today I tried to juice Joeís mean green famous drink. I forgot to buy cucumbers so I had to modify the recipe. I found it to be very filling. I could only sip on it after a few swallows and this is after I had not had anything to eat for around 23 hours. It made me feel full. I donít know if this was just me today or if that is the way I will react to his drink. I put in a lot of ginger and added extra celery to make up for no cucumber. I also added a jalapeno pepper without the seeds. The drink was very strong, but I l ...   read more

Recipe Time   8 y  
Aroma Salad
Day 2 of my Daniel Food Plan included this recipe which is one of my favorites. Aroma Salad: 2 bunches of fresh dill 1 bunch radishes 1 sweet orange with seeds taken out Clean, chop and mix all ingredients together. The orange also serves as a built in dressing. You can adjust the amounts of the ingredients according to your own preferences. This dish is a great one for pot lucks. People are naturally drawn to it due to the aroma given off by the dill. Days Left: 116   visit the page

Self-Examination   8 y  
Daniel Food Plan
When I decided to have some cheese sauce on my veggies the other day I thought I would only be taking 1 day off. It turned out to be my maximum allowed which was 3 days. Yes, eating days can lead to danger. I feel like I am playing a board game with all my rules, that I am trying to abide by, to get to my goal of 120 days. I wonder how many days off I would have taken if I would not have set up my three day rule. If it takes a board game plan to get me to focus then thatís what I will do. Of course, there is more to reaching the goal of 120 days than just reaching it. At the end of the ...   read more

Water Fast Day 2   8 y  
Low Energy
Low energy and hunger caused me to cave in on day 3 of the water fast. I had hoped to at least stay on the water-only for 5 days. When my energy gets low I start thinking about all the stuff I have to do. I broke it with an orange. My energy immediately returned. Later I had some steamed veggies. Now this would qualify as the Daniel Fast, but I had some cheese sauce on the veggies. Cheese sauce is not allowed so day 3 will be an eating day. Actually, I will not be able to count it at all. I canít start counting again until I make it through a day on one of my broad fasting plans. ...   read more

Broad Fast Day 1   8 y  
Finally Off the Launching Pad
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get started on my new 120 Day Broad Fast. Something came up after I wrote my ĒNew BeginningsĒ post. I saw that I was going to need eating days soon and I did not want to just start and then go into eating days. I did have some days during this time that I could have counted towards my 120 days, but I wanted to get off to a good start. I view eating days as somewhat of a negative. I did not want to go there so soon after my start. It was better to let those broad fasting days go. During this time I did think about my new ...   read more

120 Day Broad Fast   8 y  
New Beginnings
Ladies and Gentlemen, I regret to tell you that my 120 Day Broad Fast got flushed down the toilet. Therefore, I have started a brand new 120 Day Broad Fast with some new rules. The first one was for trial and error purposes as I see it now. I feel that I must forget the past, except to learn from my mistakes, and press forward and on to reach my goal. One of the worst mistakes a person can make is to dwell on past failures. Doing that will just cause more failure by making a person feel like a failure. I know of many stories where people have failed in different things, but when they t ...   read more

Broad Fast Days 32, 33 & 34 minus 17   8 y  
Eating Days 3 & 4, Liquid Day 1
Iím tracking my days again today. Needless to say I got off my path. I decided to try the liquids for a few days to see what that does. Day 34 was completed successfully with liquids. Iím thinking of changing my rules again to help me get through this. My 120 day broad fast is turning out to be a trial and error experiment. I need to find rules that will work for me so that I can improve my situation. Itís great to read the blogs of others and hear their success stories. That is very motivational, but at the same time I need to remember that what worked for someone else may not work ...   read more

Broad Fast Day 31 minus 15   8 y  
Eating Day Two
Iím just tracking another eating day. Water fast is coming shortly, I think. ;)   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 30 minus 14   8 y  
Eating Day One
Iím just tracking an eating day.   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 29 minus 13   8 y  
Liquid Day
I had lemon water on day 29 so I will need to track it as a liquid day.   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 28 minus 13   8 y  
Eating Day Two
Just tracking the day again today. :)   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 27 minus 12   8 y  
Eating Day One
I am just tracking the day again. I am now trying to, at the very least, go every other day until I can make it longer. One day of water fasting is no big deal for me. Iím so used to it anyway. I know the more a person fasts the easier it gets, so I do have hopes that I will do better before my 120 days are up. I really would like to do 10 to 14 days of water fasting all at one time somewhere in my 120 days. I know the cleanse will be so much deeper than what can be accomplished on just one day or even a few days.   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 26 minus 11   8 y  
Water Fasting Day One
Well I did one day of water fasting. Itís pretty easy for me to fast for a day normally. The bad news is that day 27 will be another eating day. It looks like Iím doing intermittent fasting. I know even if that is all I am doing now, that should help to prepare my body for something better, a deeper cleanse someday hopefully.   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 25 minus 11   8 y  
Eating Day One
Iím just tracking the day. Thereís nothing new going on.   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 24 minus 10   8 y  
Water Fast Day Two
I lasted for 49 hours on the water only fast. Tired, dragging and hunger got the best of me. I need more energy to keep up my schedule. I know that even if I water fast for one or two days a week that would have great benefits, but I have hopes for a better outcome. I could have switched to liquids, but I am stubborn and really have my heart set on water fasting. I would love to make it for at least ten to fourteen days on water only before switching to liquids. At the rate Iím going it will take me between two to three years to finish my 120 fasting days. Letís hope I can do better ...   read more

Broad Fast Day 23 minus 10   8 y  
Water Fast Day One
I am now on day two of water only fasting. Day one went well, but not without periods of being hungry. The hunger was not extreme and it did pass. I am hungry right now, but I tell myself that it will leave shortly. It always has.   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 22 minus 10   8 y  
Eating Day Five
I completed 5 days of eating and have now started water fasting again. Hopefully, things will go well this time around. Iím looking forward to exciting upcoming fasting days. Itís great to know that they have finally started.   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 21 minus 9   8 y  
Eating Day Four
Fasting days are getting closer. :)   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 20 minus 8   8 y  
Eating Day Three
Just tracking the day. Thank you for your patience. Fast should be coming soon. :)   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 19 minus 7   8 y  
Eating Day Two
Nothing new to report. I just wanted to track the day on my blog. I am taking a few days to eat and then I will attack it again.   visit the page

Broad Fast Day 18 minus 6   8 y  
Eating Day One
I have a new way of counting to get to my 120 fasting days. Iím on day 19 minus 6. :) I donít want to have to go through the whole thing when I reach 120 days to figure out how many days that I need to add on. Hopefully it wonít be too many. Tomorrow I will report on day 19 minus 7 because I am still eating today.   visit the page

Broad Fast Day Seventeen   8 y  
Liquid Day
Iím on day 18. This blog is good to help me keep track of things even if no one reads it. It looks like I may have a couple of readers. I know some days are boring and this is probably boring to read, but it is helping me so I will continue. I am determined to get 120 days of fasting in even if it takes me the whole year! I got very hungry and very tired yesterday. I switched to liquids which only helped a little. I was determined to make it through at least one day of liquids. I did do that, but still very hungry and tired. I would have never made it had it not been for my blog. ...   read more

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I plan to do a 120 day fast to reboot my system. Iím going with the broad definition of fasting. I am inspired by Joe Cross who did a sixty day reboot. more...

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