I Love!
by Chef JeM

"Do not rely on the love of others."   5 y  
Love and happiness.
Reading Omraam’s ”Thought” for the day[1] occurred at just the perfect right moment for me to pause ... just long enough to allow some contemplation on this particular part of his message (that I quoted as the headline for this post) . Then a moment later (in contemplation mode) some memory/belief arose from my subconscious of when I did ”rely on the love of others” as a child in my family of origin and later as a young adult as a brother in ”The Church” and as soon as I noticed that a quality of sadness accompanied along with these memories I realized my need to ”turn on the lights” (as O ...   read more

I Love My Human Design & My Gene Keys!   5 y  
It appears that what we are about to witness is going to go off "the chart/s" of any previous concept of what alchemy is and most certainly beyond "the medieval forerunner of chemistry"!
October 14, 2018 - From my file archives I most recently reviewed a packet from my first Human Design teacher: Zeno that included a flier for the ”8th annual symposium” of HDP - The Association of Human Design Practitioners. The date of that event was April 2-6, 2008. I received the packet about a month or so prior. That gives a very objective 3D reference indicating I have been involved with Human Design well over ten years. 2008 is when I returned to San Diego. I originally met Zeno a few years earlier. My very first contact regarding Human Design goes back a year or so before then ...   read more

The Power of Your Love   7 y  
"Thought for the Day"
I wish you the best possible new year! The first seven days can sow good seed for the rest of the year. The best ”seed” I know of is your love! ”Your love will give you the intelligence to know what to do and the strength to do it. You find that you have neither knowledge nor power? Simply love! Knowledge and power will come.” - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.[1] *** February 6, 2019 - A Love Feast! - Here are some quotes about Love from Omraam.[12] Working with Divine Love: ”Learn to work with love, learn to make it gush forth within you, learn to project it onto all the creatur ...   read more

"I Love" Really Good Food!   8 y  
A different way of doing food that can allow waves of healing love into all levels of our life.
This is the fifth post in this series. Five is the number that represents change and doing things differently. Fun is also included with five! ; ~ ) I feel the backing of universal love for ”a different way of doing food”! I’m an idealist and as a chef I can’t help but to think about how good I can make food. ”I love” really good food! And not just the food itself. The more I realize how interconnected food is connected to and/or how it can relate to virtually everything I am filed with amazement! Contemplating on the extent that true nourishment can benefit us, our families, our com ...   read more

"Love" May Be More About Learning To Love Them   8 y  
My introduction to the gift of Dr. Joe Dispenza who can really get you thinking and loving!
At first glance I immediately thought I had seen this list before and was therefore pretty familiar with it. It begins with: ”Take time to smell Roses.” Then scanning the list I saw somethings that appeared new to me. The first item that caught my attention was: ”Never give up on anyone.” I don’t believe I have ever seen that before! I immediately thought of how I have made a choice not to reject someone I know who appears to be anti-social and suppressive. Then I quickly thought of a friend who apparently did give up on another individual. Another item I don’t think I’ve ...   read more

Our Greatest Gift!   8 y  
Is also one of the greatest and most basic human needs that everyone shares.
In the early 60s - my father (with a Birth Card of the 6 of Clubs/”The Messenger”) told me (possibly a couple of times) that the two greatest needs were to love and be loved. I totally identified with the need and internalized my father’s message! In early 1967 Jefferson Airplane electri-fried it with their penetrating sonic mania: ”Somebody To Love”:   read more

I Love "I Am"!   9 y  
Additional sources of inspiration to be acknowledged in my journey to loving more!
June 4, 2018 - ”Love, true love, is not only superior to sexual attraction, but to sentiment as well. True love is not a feeling, but a state of consciousness. The attraction between two beings has to do with vibrations, with fluids; it depends on elements that are purely physical and is therefore subject to change. Feeling is already superior to attraction, because it may be inspired by factors of a moral, intellectual, or spiritual nature, but feeling is also variable: one day we love, the next we no longer love. Whereas love experienced as a state of consciousness lies well beyond c ...   read more

Happy Fourth Day of Christmas!   9 y  
How I gifted myself just in time to enjoy this "fourth day of Christmas".
According to the carol: ”The Twelve Days of Christmas” - today is the day that ”... my true love gave to me four calling birds ...”! I like that I am starting a new blog here at CureZone on this ”Four Calling Bird” day! ; ~ ) Welcome to ”I Love”. - Firstly I wish to recognize a friend of mine who has a tattoo on his forearm that reads ”AMO”[1] and is translated into English as ”I love”. My friend has deeply identified with AMO as a core expression of who he is and (now more than ever) I completely understand that! My understanding of my friend and his love is greatly supported by my ...   read more


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