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What Happened to My Latest New Water Fast?   9 y  
It Went Down the Drain
Hereís what happened. After I decided to start fasting again I remembered some fruit that still needed to be consumed. Since I did not want it to go to waste I decided to put the fasting on hold. I havenít been in the mood for fasting since so I went back on break. My breaks are mostly healthy thanks to the salad bar that is close by. Iím sure no harm will be done. Maybe by putting it off I can do a longer fast when I start in again which would be more beneficial for my health than the short ones that I have been doing. It seems like the intermittent fasting is working for me. Iím just n ...   read more

Latest New Water Fast   9 y  
Time to Get with It Again
My five day break has come to a close. I weighed myself this morning and was surprised that I did not gain weight. Itís not that I was pigging out, but I thought some would naturally come back on after all the fasting. Maybe the fasts were too short to worry about it. I did stick with mostly healthy foods during the break. Losing weight slowly, as I am doing, has its advantages too. That also could be a reason for the lack of weight gain. Today, I started a new water fast. Iím not sure how long I will make this one. My guess is anywhere from two to ten days. Iím playing it by ear altho ...   read more

Completed Fast   9 y  
Break Time
I fasted for around 52 hours. I forgot to look at the clock when I broke it by eating some persimmons. I made a special trip to the farmerís market for them because I was craving them. Later I had a mango and a tomato. It was good to eat something again. Technically, I broke the fast at around 47 hours into it because I stuck a cough drop in my mouth. Tomorrow I plan to eat a good meal at the salad bar place that I like so much. I am now on my break. Hopefully, I will mostly stick with healthy foods.   visit the page

Woozy with More Energy   9 y  
Enjoyed a Nice Meal
I had planned for a two day water fast, but it ended up being only a one day. Yes, I made it for 24 hours. I had a strange feeling. I was feeling woozy and felt that I really needed to eat something. It wouldnít have mattered it if were not for the fact that I have to keep up my schedule. Since the fast was so short, I decided it would be okay to eat something besides fruit. I really felt I needed to eat. Fruit alone can still leave one detoxing too much for working. At least if one is not used to it. I went to my salad bar place where there are a lot of healthy choices. I ate until I ...   read more

Another Short Water Fast   9 y  
Another Change of Plans
I had another change of plans. Instead of eating I decided to go back into a short water fast again after my fruit diet. This time there was no ginger chewing. My throat is feeling better. I made it for 43.5 hours which ended today. I am now doing fruit and ginger for a couple of days. I then plan to do another two day water fast. After giving myself some time to break it properly I think that is when I will take a break and eat something besides fruit and ginger. Iím looking forward to green salads again and maybe some regular food before I start fasting again. I think my body will ...   read more

Day Two   9 y  
Made The Two Days
I was able to finish the two day fast with ginger chewing today. I made it for around 49 hours. Then, I broke with my famous apple/ginger/lemon drink. I hope to stay on that for a couple of days. I then plan to eat something. Canít wait for that day to arrive.   visit the page

Day One   9 y  
Started Day Two
Completed day one. I am having problems with my throat so I am chewing on tiny bits of ginger which is helping. This is not the way a water fast is suppose to be done, but thatís okay. I gotta do what I gotta do. I donít suppose Iíll get more than a spoonful of ginger juice during the entire fast. This fast will be so short it will not matter anyway. I was thinking yesterday that this journey seems to have turned into an intermittent fasting journey. If thatís what will get me there itís okay with me.   visit the page

Started New Water Fast   9 y  
Change of Plans
Now that Iíve had a couple of days break from fasting I really feel like I should get back with it again rather than trying the strict diet. Since it is so close to my last three plus four hour days of fasting I am only going to set a goal of two days and see how I handle that. I think when I fast this frequently healing crises may come sooner than it would if I had not fasted for a while. If I am doing okay I can always continue it. I just started the water-only fast a little while ago. The reason I am concerned about hitting a healing crisis is that I have to continue my duties in lif ...   read more

Broke Fast   9 y  
Fruit Days are Here
I hit a mild healing crisis so I decided to break the fast. I ate some kiwi that I picked up at the store today. I just thought about all the stuff that I had to do tomorrow and felt that I could not deal with it. I am setting a goal of ten days to be on my strict diet of mostly fruit and juice. I hope I can do that without a healing crisis. I then plan to eat a good meal.   visit the page

Day Three Completed   9 y  
Started Day Four
I was more hungry today, but I managed to get through day three. Two days left. I canít wait. I hope I make it. I went out and bought my ingredients for my apple/ginger drink today. Pomegranates were on sale so I picked some of those up too. I was worried that I would put myself in danger going to a grocery store this hungry. Temptations to quit and eat tend to come quickly and loudly in those places. I must be determined because I made it through the shopping ordeal. I am still not weak and I am not as tired as I was yesterday. I am really hoping to stay on a strict diet for a week a ...   read more

Day Two Completed   9 y  
Started Day Three
I got through day two with flying colors. Iím a little tired, but at least I feel calm. Iím a little hungry, but at least I am not craving foods. I am also not getting temptations to quit. I hope day three goes just as smoothly. Canít wait for day five to arrive.   visit the page

Day One Completed   9 y  
Starting Day Two
Day one is now behind me. I had no problems getting through it. Itís nice to be in day two, but I would rather it be day five. If my mind wants to think about food, I just make it think about my apple/lemon/ginger drink feast that I am planning after the five day water fast. I think I will allow myself any fruit of choice as well during this time. I would like to stick on this strict plan for about a week after I finish the water fast.   visit the page

Started New Water Fast   9 y  
Five Day Goal
Started new water fast today. I am over four hours into it. My goal will be five days followed by another five days of juice, apples, ginger, and lemon. I loved that drink that I made with those ingredients so I canít wait for those days to start.   visit the page

Broke Fast   9 y  
Every Little Bit Helps
For some reason I got very hungry, tired and very restless. I tried to sleep, but couldnít. I broke the fast by making a drink, blending an apple, a big hunk of ginger, 1 cup water and 5 ice cubes in my vitamixer. It was really good, but I think next time I will add some fresh lemon as well. I didnít have any on hand. I hope to try fasting again soon. Sometimes I can make it;sometimes I mess up. :) I made it for two days and four and a half hours. Every little bit helps. Iím already feeling calmer.   visit the page

Day Two Completed   9 y  
Halfway Finished
Day two was very successful. I really wasnít bothered with food cravings, temptations etc.. Over two hours into day three now and I am feeling tired and hungry. My resolve is strong; Iím confident I will make it. It comforts me to tell myself that Iím halfway through it.   visit the page

Day One Completed   9 y  
Didn't Get Caught in the Trap
Day one completed with success. I had a short period where I was very hungry. During that time I was tempted to break it and start again tomorrow. I was able to get through it by telling myself that tomorrow never comes. Iíve been caught in that trap before. There are too many tomorrows that never arrive. Things will never get accomplished with that logic. I am about four hours into day two. Tomorrow at this time it will be half over. Iíve read some fasting testimonies where people successfully water fast nearly every week this long. Their body eventually gets used to it and they ar ...   read more

Started New Water-only Fast   9 y  
Another Rest for My Body
I canít believe itís already been nineteen days since I last posted in my blog. Time really flies. Iím still fighting food demons of all kinds. I gained a little back that I lost during the water fast, but I am still ahead a little. That means it was beneficial for the weight loss. Also, my body was happy that I gave it a nice rest and detox. My progress is extremely slow, but there is progress. If I didnít have to fight food demons as well as my own fleshly desires Iím sure I would be off to the races by now. I am setting a four day water-only fasting goal. I would do longer since ití ...   read more

Breaking the Fast   9 y  
Juice, Raw Fruits and Vegetables
The first 24 hours after the fast I drank juice. Towards the end of it I also ate some papaya. I went to the farmerís market and bought some fruits and vegetables so I should have plenty of raw fruits and vegetables on hand to help me transition from the fast to eating again. I have recuperated from the nausea and faint feelings, but I still do not have my energy back.   visit the page

Broke Fast   9 y  
Healing Crisis Hit
I was on my feet too much. Thatís when the healing crisis hit. It makes me wonder if it would have hit had I not tried to do so much. I had to sit down to keep myself from fainting. Then later on I started feeling nauseated. I am just not up to going through all that right now, so I broke it seven days and three hours into the fast. Right now, I am sipping on juice. I still feel a little nauseated. I hope it passes soon.   visit the page

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