Zapping HIV
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2Tuff - I've changed my mind about you   14 y  
HIV update after four years no meds.
Hey you guys. I just realized my first post here was back in 2005! Iím not about to give anyone any advice on how to beat this ĒHIV THINGĒ. Iíve come to the conclusion that if you want to live, youíll live. I thought you guys might want an update. Iím still living! And quite well actually. And 2Tuff, I see youíre still out there and you havenít given up the fight! Well - now I can appreciate that. I havenít taken so much as an aspirin in four years. No meds. I go through a rigorous beck protocol about once a year for three - four weeks and thatís it. Two other things that have stayed ...   read more

Fitness Program continued   17 y  
weightlifting without pain
I have over the last two months completely turned my fitness level upside down (in a good way). Iíve gained a lot of muscle, lost a fair amount of fat, and can ski and snowboard without the recovery process Iím usually required to go through after the fact. This all started with a resolution to go back to the gym. The biggest drawback was a three month layoff and the anticipation of the initial pain and fatigue your get from overdoing it. Its hard to leave your ego at the door. The first phase was simple. Its in a prior blog. Simple full body circuit using weight that you can at least d ...   read more

Beck Pulser uses   17 y  
Beck Pulser, hair regrowth,
This was a fun post so I thought Iíd also put it in the blog section: Re: question re beck pulser. Pulsing experiments you can try at home! by #30988 Subject: Re: question re beck pulser. Pulsing experiments you can try at home! From: #30988   read more

weight lifting without killing your self or your motivation. Weight lifting for fitness...not vanity.
If youíve ever reqretted stopping your workout program for an extended period of time, youíll appreciate this. If youíve ever started a workout program only to stop after a week or two, you will also appreciate this. If start too heavy, to quickly in the gym, your body will not be able to keep up and you will be in for the most uncomfortable couple of weeks youíve had in a while. So for those of you who do want to get to the gym and want to do it without the pain of overextending yourself, listen up! Weightlifting for fitness - PHASE 1 Day 1. Take all of your body measurements (flexe ...   read more

Feeling great. Beck Protocol, working out.   17 y  
Progressive weight training, continued beck protocol, supplementation help continue positive health maintenance associated with HIV+ individual
January flew by...I started a weight training program in January thatís gone so remarkably well that Iím going to put up a website so other people can benefit from the program (that I developed). It is a combination of cardio and weightlifting. I do intend at some point in this blog to show the actual results. One thing Iíve been doing that seems to help with recovery is to mix a drink to take to the gym consisting of the following: juice of a lemon 5 gms vitamin C powder (abscorbic acid) 1 tbs instant green tee 5 gms glutamine 1 tsp stevia about 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. In ...   read more

Resolutions and 2006   17 y  
brief history of HIV and me. New Years resolutions and beck protocol.
1. Stay with the Beck Protocol (easy for me to do now...itís just part of my day) 2. Test and experiment more with the HIV load and affects. 3. Get back in shape. My weight doesnít change...but it sure shifts around. I intend to put it back where it was. 4. Write a new short story. 5. Get the business in shape. Thats it. How you might ask will I do this. The answer is simple. Develop routines and habits that incorporate all facets of these resolutions. Thatís how I did and do the beck protocol. 2005 was an interesting year and a comeback year for me in many ways. I discovered I w ...   read more

BECK Protocol and the Common Cold   18 y  
BECK Protocol, common cold
HEY! Sorry I havenít posted in a while. Iím still here and doing great! Iíve been using the Beck Protocol for over a year. I pulse once a day (all the major lymph node points). I zap 2-6 hours (I sleep with it on and take it off in the middle of the night). I drink 8oz of CS in the morning and another 8oz CS before I go to bed (I make 10-15ppm CS). I drink 16-32 oz of ozonated water throughout the day. Friday I picked up a cold! It started with a sore throat and nasel congestion. I pulsed my throat area for a full cycle for two consecutive days and the sore throat went away but retu ...   read more

vegan...not yet anyway but not out of the question.   18 y  
Diet, foods and experiments. What do we eat vs. what should we eat?
I think I will just answer comments and questions with blog responses so everyone getís the benefit of dialogue. Plus I donít have to think about what to write ;] Lynda...thanks for the push... Yeah I know. I could be eating carrots and broccoli all the time and stay away from the meat. Iím not sure it would help but maybe. As it is, I do juice fruits and veggies on a pretty regular basis. (I have a green star juicer that never leaves the counter.) Itís not all I eat though. On the more consciencious side, I donít grill or use open flame... Benzene seems to have many links to HIV ...   read more

Work'n out   18 y  
Just a typical day for those curious. How to integrate Beck's protocol into your routine without even thinking about it.
I just thought Iíd enter a workout log entry for those curious about my physical hereís the day! 6:30-7 AM - Up out of bed. Down a cup of Colloidal Silver (I always have a quart in the bathroom). Shower, dress, feed the cat and off to breakfast appointment. 7:45 AM - 2TBS Apple Cider Vinegar (Iíve just added this to my daily routine). 8:00 AM - Enjoying Chai Latte while waiting for appointment. I KNOW ... they have too much sugar and too much cream. Read the local paper and discovered two more business leads...very cooool. 8:30 - 10 AM - Met with business contact. ...   read more

Lifestyle changes   18 y  
Taking responsibility for your illness so you can take responsibility for getting better
Do things happen to us or did we make them happen? I constantly ask myself this question and itís an important one to come to grips with. On the one hand you can absolve yourself of any responsibility and just say HIV and AIDS happens. And most people would not hold you to blame any more than they would blame you for getting a cold. Hereís the rub: the minute you absolve yourself of responsibility for getting sick, you might also be relinquishing your responsibility for getting better. If you canít prevent yourself from getting sick, how then do you suddenly become responsible for getti ...   read more

Just some general advice   18 y  
General advice for someone who just discovered he's HIV positive.
Somebody asked for some advice after discover his HIV positive status...heres my not so polished response. First of all itís not the end of the world. I remember what it was like when I found was devastating to me. I now have a much better outlook. Iím still working with the beck protocol. I canít give a real positive testimony to it (or negative). It takes time to figure out what works. If you have access to testing (viral loads) it will help you tweak your program. Iíve not done enough testing but overall I feel GREAT! Viral tests are RELATIVE measurements and should only be ...   read more

Healthy debate   18 y  
There is a hell and a heaven to every religion. To an outside observer it's difficult to tell one from the other. That's my delemna in a nutshell.
Iíll put some of the comments here because they deserve a more prominant place in the blog along with my responses and questions that earmark my own confusion. Thanks to -2tuff- for a lot of the passionate debate on this. His comments are indented. Again falling into the HIV trap and believing in these so-called wonderful tests like the pcr is a deadly ground to be in. Pcr tests are so inaccurate, it takes at least 100,000 viral load for there to be a maximum 1 virus particle and they shouldnít be used to screen for HIV as stated by the actual manufacturers. So many people panic whe ...   read more

Building up to another test and some advice   18 y  
Beck Protocol nine (9) months. Dosage levels. Some results. Some advice. Some doubts.
Itís easy to get lulled into a false sense of security while on the beck protocol. That basically stems from the fact that you at least feel like you have a little sense of control. There is also a lot in this website that peripherally points to the success of the Beck Protocal. Iíve been on the beck protocol for almost 9 months now and still going strong. I have to say, I still have my doubts. Fortunately, the one gift you get with HIV is time. My doubts? Where are all the testimonials? Beck reported complete remission in 4 weeks! He shied away from the ĒcureĒ word but certainly allu ...   read more

Routine Beck   18 y  
Establishing a daily zapping routine. This section describes integrating ozonated water and zapping into the daily routine.
6PM rolls around like everyday. Itís been long, Iím tired and I canít get the last client requirements out of my head. So time to loosen up a bit. I pour a bottle of spring water (I keep a water cooler in the house...itís cheaper. The faucet filter does defeat the taste but the chlorine is still there! So I donít drink it anymore). Ozonate the bottle of water for a few while you strap on the zapper... The ZAPPER: FIRST:I Wet the electrodes of my Sota Silver Pulser zapper with distilled water and lay them on the wrist strap (with the velcro face down). Place your wrist over the electr ...   read more

hey monday!   18 y  
Incorporating Beck Protocol into your daily routine
Well, itís Monday. Iíve decided to make sure that I update here at least once a week. My morning routine is simple. Get out of bed and open the window. First thing in the morning is always sunny. Afternoons can get cloudy but the mornings are fresh. The birds always beat me to the punch and the banter probably bends toward Ēitís about time he got out of bedĒ when they see the window open. I stretch a bit...trip off to the bathroom and down a cup of homemade colloidal silver. I use the sota brand products to make it. I make about 46 oz at a takes about 10 hours to get a ...   read more

HIV is REAL   18 y  
HIV is real. It may or may not be the cause of AIDS or A cause but it is very coincident with the development of AIDS. Please have an open mind about the medical community...they're not all bad people. There will never be an FDA sponsored cure for AIDS or any other major illness unless that cure propogates another disease that represents replacement revenue. That doesn't mean the whole medical community is out to get you!
OK, Iím going to get this off my chest...I do not fall into the category of drug user, needle sharer, crystal meph or any of the other íscapes sloughed on those who turn up HIV positive. Iím gay. My life is pretty normal frankly and more than that...probably falls way above average with regards to a healthy lifestyle. So for you naysayers...Iím sick of the denial. HIV is real! Aids is real! Iíve seen too many people die to have someone tell me itís a figment of my imagination (you know who you are). Thatís doesnít mean I think that HIV causes AIDS. It is awful coincident with it ...   read more

6 Months on the Beck Protocol   18 y  
Results and tests before and after 6 months on the Beck Protocol
Iím HIV Positive. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have followed the Beck Protocol now for 6 months. (Original protocal called for 3 months). Iíve been doing the following. Using the Sota Silver Pulser Iíve zapped on the wrists two hours per day (religiously). Using the same silver pulser Iíve made very good quality CS and have ingested approxomately 8oz per day. Using the Sota brand pulser, Iíve pulsed before bed every night along the recommended lymph node paths. Using the Sota brand ozonator, I make and drink 3-4 cups of ozonated water a day. Some other things I do on a regular ...   read more


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