Systemic Candida
by Jhan
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Mushrooms Against Candida   17 y  
Which mushroom have antifungal properties
by Northener I thought some of you might be interested in the anti-candida powers of some mushrooms. I received a catalogue from and on the first page it lists different medicinal mushrooms and their effects. Here are the anti-candida one: reishi maitake(hen of the woods) shitake turkey-tail split gill I remember taking some reishi and almost immediately it had an effect on me. The first day I felt kind of like a was getting a cold and had a lot of BM. I thought it was expelling mucus, but at the time i didn’t know i had candida. So now looking back i r ...   read more

Probiotics and biotin   17 y  
What are they ? What do they do ?
Probiotics is a general term to refer to friendly bacteria that live in your intestines. They are part of the natural flora and candida can take all of the space because they are no longer around (antibiotics are one major factor). These friendly bacteria compete with candida for space and it is a major part of candida treatment. The ONLY time that it is NOT proper to take probiotics is when you suffer from leaky gut. If you r gut are leaky, because candida thread, drilling through the intestinal wall to reach for blood vessel creates a leak that allow undigested food and bacteria to en ...   read more

P & B shakes   17 y  
Psyllium husk adheres to the candida threads that drill into your intestines and drag them out. In my opinion, psyllium or P & B shakes (with bentonite, a clay that adheres to toxins) are the BEST bowel cleanse with candida.
I have reserves on the message below. But I have already written a P & B Shake post twice on this blog, and each time, the moderator plain deleted them without a word. I wont write a 3rd one. So below it says: 3 to 5 P & B shake a day NOT WITH CANDIDA I am sorry. Aim at 2 max a day and see how you can cope with the die-off. Start with one for a week or two and then see IF you can increase. It also says that you can do it along with the Master Cleanse (MC) sorry but the MC’s maple syrup feeds candida. However, the MC’s lemonade..... without the maple syrup is just FANTASTIC. Check it ...   read more

Strengthening the ileocecal valve   17 y  
How to eat and massage in order to strengthen the ileocecal valve.
Here is a great post on the topic. Below how to use massage. How to massage the ileocecal valve : How to Massage Your Colon for Constipation Relief Massage of the abdominal area is a great way to tone the muscles in your colon area. If done regularly, this massage will strengthen your colon walls and help to loosen stagnant chime that is causing constipation. If you are trying to relieve constipation, then you can massage for a week or two until you get past your constipation. Regular massaging c ...   read more

Oil Swishing / oil pulling   17 y  
Why is oil so helpful to treat toxic accumulation and help candida
Attending the Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum will give you plenty of information on how to. Here are the basics (cut and paste from the forum): Pour a spoonful of oil and gargle for 10 to 20 minutes. DO NOT SWALLOW it is full of toxins, rince with salty water then brush with baking soda. Do this twice a day to pull out toxins. WHICH OIL SHOULD I USE? Major recommendation is that whatever plant oil you choose, you use cold-pressed, extra virgin oil packaged in a glass bottle. For candida, coconut oil will have the benefit of killing the culprit as well as helping with the detox. ...   read more

Herbalist   17 y  
How to heal naturally
Here are the herbs and their function:   visit the page

Xylitol   18 y  
Xylitol is a natural antifungal with laxative properties, because candida often cause constipation, xylitol is an interesting option to treat candida.
Here are a few interesting posts on xylitol, a natural antifungal with laxative properties. Newport on the topic: Wood Elf on the topic:   visit the page

Leaky Gut   18 y  
What is leaky gut and how to heal it
How to Heal Leaky Gut Along with L-glutamine (an amino acid )try using marshmallow Root. Marshmallow Root contains a great amount of mucilage ? meaning when Marshmallow Root gets wet, it get very soft and sticky and soothes the mouth, throat, stomach and intestional tract. When the candida is dislodged from tissue, it leaves an open sore ?the Marshmallow Root covers these sores so there will be no irritation. Avoid probiotics while your guts are leaky. The leak lets lactic bacteria in where they should not. And this is extra work for your immune system which has to get rid of them ...   read more

joint pain   18 y  
Flaxseed to help with joint pain issues
Joint pain can be alleviated a great deal by using flaxseed (linseed). I eat ground flaxseed in my yogurt every morning and it helps a great deal. I like to eat flaxseed itself better than the oil that is very expensive and turns rancid very easily, even when kept in the fridge. How to use flaxseed:   visit the page

Ever wondered what products killed probiotics?   18 y  
Which antifungal kill friendly bacteria and which dont. Or How to keep your friendly flora alive!
We know that antibiotics is a major cause inducing Candida because it kills all the flora good and bad, and leaves the fungus alive with all of the space to occupy. Friendly flora (probiotics) is a natural enemy of fungus. By keeping them alive, you’ll be a lot more efficient in healing candida. Here is North on the topic: (fantastic post) It explains how Lamisil Diflucan Nystatin Iosol iodine drops Tea tree oil Peppermint oil Cooked garlic Raw Garlic and Caprylic acid react to friendly bacteria Here is my reply it ...   read more

How to Make Home Made Yogurt   18 y  
How can you find out if the yogurt you purchase has active or dead bacteria?
A good way to find out is to warm some fresh milk, up to just before boiling temperature. Set it aside and let it cool off until it passes the baby bottle test = a drop on your wrist feels just warm. Then mix 1 quantity of yogurt with 10 of milk, mix well, put into a jar or a tupperware overnight [put a towel around it so it keeps its tempreature]- the next morning, if it has turned into yogurt this brand has active cultures.... put your jar in the fridge and enjoy! (it will remain good over 3 weeks in the fridge) and now you know which brand has active culture and.... you also know how ...   read more

Recipes Online   18 y  
recipes for the candida diet   visit the page

Fried Turnip recipe (Michelle's)   18 y  
Candida Recipe
Michelle claims they taste just like french fries. Have a try! I just made ”turnip ” fries and my god were they good. Cute turnip into french fry shaped pieces, place on greased cookie sheet, brush on oil ( I used olive oil), salt pepper sweet basil and parsley. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until crispy. They were absolutely delicious. I am going to try making turnip home fries to go with eggs in the morning. Lets see if anyone can fool family members with these, lol Michelle   visit the page

What candida looks like in your stool   18 y  
How to identify candida   visit the page

Antifungals   18 y  
Immune responses, nystatin, natural antifungals and candida
A- Chemical Antifungals B- (below)- Natural Antifungals C- (below) Antifungals That Wont Kill Friendly Bacteria CHEMICAL ANTIFUNGALS Many chem. antifungals will hurt your liver. Nystatin is not as bad although there is no proof that it does not injure the liver too. Nystatin: By Javaman Source site: ====================================== Candida is a very difficult organism for the body’s immune system to clear. Why? Yeast have a capsule on the outside which prevents the first line (phagocytic) white blood cells of ...   read more

Recipe: Stannarad Black Bean Quesadilla   18 y  
Brown Rice Quesadilla recipe
Put yogurt instead of cheese: Yummy!   visit the page

Recipe Spaghetti Squash   18 y  
Recipe of spag with no pasta   visit the page

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