Systemic Candida
by Jhan
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Recipe : Michelle's Lentil Soup   17 y  
Lentils are great with adrenal issues
This soup is full of good minerals to get rid of the deficiency. I was tinkering around after stumbling upon a recipe for lentil soup. I had never eaten lentils and really had no desire to either. But my hubby and I were in a quest for foods that 1.) we could both eat 2) taste good and 3.) my hubby had it previosuly and said it was good. So I played around and came up with a recipe so good we have made it three times in the last 2 weeks and every last drop of it gets eaten too. And it is good for those of us with candida, nothing that feeds it. Try and let me know what you think. It ...   read more

Nutrients and their natural alimentary source   17 y  
Where to search to find out about essential nutrients and their natural alimentary source
To find out about which veggies and nuts contain which nutrients/mineral: To find out which nutrients/mineral comes from which veggies meat and nuts: To find out the benefit of each nutrient/vitamin:   read more

Mercury and candida   17 y  
How mercury inpairs healthy metabolic functions
Here is a great post by Qwer on mercury and how it inpairs healthy metabolic functions: I believe heavy metals are very important, at least for a certain group of people with candida, or even just for bad bacterias in the gut in general. -Candida causes the methylation of mercury: methylmercury is easily absorbed, while inorganic (plain) mercury has a lot less chance of being absorbed, and it can not cross the blood-brain barrier. It can eventually be methylated by the body if it’s in the blood though. -Mercury accumulates mainly in the liver, the brain and the intestines. -Good ...   read more

Anxiety and panic attacks   18 y  
How to treat anxiety
Closely related to candida these adrenal misfunction may be alleviate with vitamin B:   visit the page

Bruising and Small blood vessels   18 y  
How to prevent and help heal them   visit the page

Mercury detox - chelation - Lipoic acid   18 y  
Site in construction
This is not something I would recommend until you have complete control of regular bm. THis in not something I recommend altogther before you have gone through the complete cleanse route: bowel, kidneys & liver... as well as a bit of adrenal support and full knowledge of die off symptoms and your personal food restriction needs (allergies). The protocol for chelation needs to be followed very strictly or else it is havoc. I am currently doing the lipoic acid detox. With plenty of exercise and toxins are coming out. I will keep you posted. Protocol: ...   read more

Abraham's Recipes : Bread, Muffin, Cake - All Gluten Free   18 y  
Glutten-free Recipes   visit the page

Bowel Cleanse (an alternative to the P & B shakes: Linseed Bowel cleanse   18 y  
Bowel cleanse for candida - for those who do not tolerate the P & B shakes
Here is Alexcena on how to do the Linseed bowel cleanse. Do not reply to this old message but to the Cnadida forum if you want her to expplain further. REMEMBER: Shakes are to be taken 1 hour away from meals on each side AND with plenty of water after or else expect havoc. The first time around you might want to take a bit of senne to prevent constipation. The fiber adheres to candida which is stuch to the intestinal wall and will not immediately let go, which clogges the bowels and causes a bit of constipation. Bentonite is a plus because it will keep the toxins from spreading while ...   read more

Recipe: Alternative Bread   18 y  
Recipe: Alternative Bread - Chocolote Cake
To create a ”bread” recipe, to compensate to the absence of bread in your diet and to spread almond butter, pumpkin seed butter and sunflower butter onto something nice. Use any chocolate chip cake recipe which uses baking powder. Use brown rice flour or buckwheat flour instead of the white wheat flour. No sugar, no chocolate chip and you are all set to get a ’sort of” bread Another option is Indy’s almond bread: For thoses interested the following recipe has no grain at all, it tastes great, it does not fall apart, it toasts well and stays within my guidelines of a strict diet. ...   read more

Stress and adrenal fatigue   18 y  
Difficulty to cope with stress and breaking into tears: Adrenal fatigue
Adrenal Support To regulate the adrenals, the first step is to avoid stress of all kinds. If you used to get a high from meeting intense deadlines, being in on the wild gossip, watching scary movies, indulsing in road rage, quit cold turkey. Start meditating and detaching from your emotions. If you do get mad or stressed, walk for 20 minutes. The second step is to quit all caffeine, even green tea. After a month or two you can have green tea again. Caffeine makes us energetic because it tells the adrenals to pump out adrenaline. The third step is a no-sugar, low-glycemic diet that ...   read more

Upper Back Shoulder Blade Pain   18 y  
Upper Back Shoulder Blade Pain is a symtpom of poor liver functions.
An Upper Back pain at Shoulder Blade level is indicative of liver issues. Teas: Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Dandelion are very helpful. You can use the tea or else the supplements: Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Dandelion and Black Radish. BEWARE: If you are allergic to Ragweed stay away from milk thistle ”If you have a ragweed allergy, you should also avoid milk thistle. Milk thistle may cause a rash or lead to severe allergic reaction.” Source: BEWARE: The active ingredientof milk thistle, silymarin, has s ...   read more

Itchy Body Issue   18 y  
Itchy skin where perspiration occurs, how to cope   visit the page

My protocol   18 y  
How I healed candida
Here is Wondermint on how she was succesfull in treating candida:   visit the page

Nuts   18 y  
Digesting nuts easier
Nuts are rather difficult to digest. (You will often see them intact in your stool) Yet, they are full of zinc and other good nutrients. To help the digestion process, blanching them is a fantastic idea: simply soak them into water before you eat them. At night, I would soak the quantity of walnuts I intend to eat for breakfast the following day, and put it in the fridge. (Some people prefer keeping them on the counter, I can be very forgetful and I’d rather eat them after they have soaked for 2 days than trhow them away). This soaking/blanching allows for the nut to start to germ ...   read more

Read and understand all about digestion   18 y  
Dr Jensen online
Tissue Cleansing by Bowel Management Dr. Bernard Jensen   visit the page

Heavy metals   18 y  
Nutrients Known to be Protective Against Heavy Metal Toxicity:
Heavy Metal poisoning shortcut Alpha Lipoic Acid or chelation SHORT version jhan LONG version Nutrients Known to be Protective Against Heavy Metal Toxicity: Aluminum: magnesium Arsenic: Amino acids (containing sulfur), calcium, iodine, selenium, vitamin C, zinc. Cadmium: Amino acids (containing sulfur), calcium, vitamin C, zinc. Lead: Amino acids (containing sulfur), calcium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc. Mercury: Amino acids (containing sulfur), pecti ...   read more

Recipe : Ginger and Cachew Sauce for veggies   18 y  
Sauce recipe to give this new taste to the same - good old- veggies
Abraham’s fantastic recipe, on veggies or on meat, always delicious: Heres the best stir fry sauce I’ve ever made... actually the best I’ve ever tasted too. I have several people agree with that as well. Grind some cashews, my food processor (best way) broke so I use a blender (fine if you do small batches). It should be close to powder. Add your favourite fat, I use olive oil, I bet coconut oil would be good. Butter works too. It’s about 5 parts cashew to one part oil, like runny cashew butter. Stir in some milk, any kind. When I’m lazy I use cow’s milk but rice milk, nut milk, soy ...   read more

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