Systemic Candida
by Jhan
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Recipe : Buckwheat Pancakes   18 y  
A gluten free/ low carbohydrate pancake recipe to give you more energy.
Buckwheat Pumpkin Cinnamon Pancakes Serve with coconut oil (Yummy) or humous . Ingredients 1.5 Cup of All Natural Buckwheat flour 1 tsp baking soda 1 tbs veg oil - i use extra virgin olive oil 2 tsp vanilla 1 tbs pumpkin spice (or simply cinnamon) 2 eggs 1/4 Cup water (approx.) Blend and add just enough water to obtain a rough texture Pour on griddle or in a pan. Yields about 9 pancakes Enjoy!   visit the page

Antioxydants   18 y  
Antioxydant to prevent oxydation by toxins
Candida, like mushrooms and bacterias grow easily on toxic material. It is part of the nature equilibrium to use bacteria and fungus to break down toxins. Toxins are making a lot of damage in your body. This is why you need antioxydants, to prevent the oxydation done by toxins. Why do we have candida, because our body is highly toxic due to poor eating habits, why is it that an antifungal is not enough to get rid of candida, because you need to address the very cause and cleanse your body. Meanwhile, candida causes harm (depletes magnesium and thus causes calcium deficiency, form in ...   read more

Fasting   18 y  
Help your kidney cope and improve detox with fasting.
A semi fast is much better than a full fast with candida. The semi fast I did was the master cleanse (mc) without the maple syrup: lemon juice (antioxydant) and cayenne pepper (for blood circulation) in source water. Lemon juice is prone to help expell the mucoid plaque (mp) (the accumulation of toxins on the walls of the intestine where candida lives) from the intestine. With candida we are so very deficient in essential nutrients that it is difficult to do a complete fast. Usually, with the mc people carry on for 30 to 40 days and see mp coming out. (But the maple syrup helps to p ...   read more

How to Improve Digestion   18 y  
Simple easy steps to help ease digestion and absorption
THIS IS AN OLD POST STOLEN FROM SHELLEY ***BY THE WAY DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR AND VISIT SHELLEY’S FORUM *** THE TRICK THAT WORKED BEST FOR ME (i never took enzymes) was a bit of lemon juice with a dash of salt 15 minutes before meals (this natural salty lemonade works like HCL and forces bile out of your liver)! THE GOLDEN RULE TO REMEMBER is Chew and Chew and swallow only when it’s all liquid. Jhan These are tips for people who cannot handle a lot of raw veggies, have chronic gas, bloating, flatulence, constipation or even diarrhea or altern ...   read more

Glucosamine   18 y  
According to this study, glucosamine prevents candida adherence to the intestinal wall.
Protection against Candida albicans gastrointestinal colonization and dissemination by saccharides in experimental animals. Ghannoum MA, Abu-Elteen K, Ibrahim A, Stretton R. Department of Botany and Microbiology, University of Kuwait, Safat. Pre- or post-treatment of duodenal discs with mannose, N-acetylglucosamine or chitin soluble extracts (CSE) prevented the adherence of Candida albicans to gastrointestinal tract. CSE was the most effective in blocking the adherence of C. albicans. Treatment of infant mice with saccharides significantly reduced the systemic spread of C. albicans ...   read more

Lower Back Pain and Puffy Eyes   18 y  
Kidneys malfunction
Read Shelley on the topic but be aware that lower back pain is either due to kidneys malfunction or adrenal fatigue.   visit the page

Candida rhizomes   18 y  
What is the difference between healthy candida and the rhizome that causes systemic candida.
How Candida Albicans Causes its Damage: The factor that contributes most to Candida proliferation is the use of massive or repeated doses of broad-spectrum antibiotics. These drugs kill off all Microorganisms in the digestive tract, including the favourable ones, and prepare a fertile environment for the growth of yeasts and fungi. People with chronic tiredness and other symptoms of Candidiasis can often trace the source of their troubles to the use of antibiotics. In the Immune System; if the Candida Albicans Yeast is allowed to proliferate, it changes from its normal Yeast-Fung ...   read more

Recipe : Milk - rice milk, nut milk   18 y  
Good healthy home made solution for the absence of milk in our candida diet.
Poor digestion makes it difficult to assimilate what we ingest, these milk will not only supplement for the lack of cow milk but also help you get a good intake of proteins, while insuring you are actually assimilating them. Of course you can purchase rice milk ,like the Rice Dream brand, but although these list rice and water as the only ingredients, they actually add rice syrup to the mixture for better taste. In case of severe candida, you will react to the syrup (sucrose) and think that you are intolerant to rice, which is not true. Making horchata (rice milk) is pretty simple. ...   read more

THYROID ISSUES - How to evaluate and - How to Increase Th1   18 y  
Thyroid issue
How to evaluate the state of your thyroid (feeling cold might be due to the tyroid or... to a lack of protein in your diet) In many cases of poor thyroid function a cold feeling is not quite so obvious. Dr. Broda Barnes pioneered the use of the basal temperature test to help identify sluggish thyroid function. This is done by placing a thermometer (not digital) under your arm for ten minutes before getting out of bed. This should be done ten days in a row, averaging the daily reading. Menstruating women should start their ten day test when their menstrual cycle begins, as basal temp ...   read more

Recipe: Cleansing Salad   18 y  
How to help your liver cleanse itself
Cleansing salad : 1 cup carrot pulp or grated 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon lemon juice herbs for flavor. I like to use: Tarragon, parsley, minth (loads) and oregano Must eat 7 days in a row for it to cleanse liver. Eat as a full meal for great and fast result (make twice or three times as much). With 2 other normal meals. Or eat as a salad with other dishes - but then it is not as effective. When your stool gets dark, you know your liver is doing better. It is the mix of oil and lemon juice that does the big part of the cleanse so I also use this salad ...   read more

Recipe: Chai Tea   18 y  
Chai Tea for die-off and detox
Chai Tea Here is the home made alfalfa tea recipe: Whenever I feel shattered, I go for Chai tea. Sooooooooooooooo relaxing and beneficial for my well being. Outta share my secret – Alfalfa tea (blood purifier (liver) and joint pain/arthritis cure) with 2 whole cardamom seeds, 1/2 inch fresh ginger root cut or grated, 1 stick cinamon, 3 cloves. Simmer for 15-20 minutes You’ll love it! Detox at its best! You can do the same thing with -dandelion/ black radish/artichoke/minth tea and target the liver -parsley/linden/blackcurrent/green tea to target the kidneys. ...   read more

Die Off : how to deal with it   18 y  
What causes die-off and how to better cope with it
Die off is all about your organism healing so fast that your metabolism cannot cope (often enough due to a deficiency in an essential mineral or antioxydant). The standard reaction, when using any treatment is to look at the dosage and to start with half of it or worst with full dosage all at once. It is ADVISABLE to allow time for your body to adjust and if it recommends 3 a day. Start with one, for a few days and slowly increase, this will help your metabolism cope with the change and thus, help avoid die off. Common yeast die-off symptoms, some individuals may develop one or sev ...   read more

Menses and Uterine Issues: For Ladies   18 y  
How to cope with the presence of candida in your uterine   visit the page

Lymphs issues By Shelleycat   18 y  
Lymphs, diagnose and treatment
Cleansing the lymphs is an often-overlooked part of a cleansing regimen, and it is essential. It is also essential at the first onset of a cold or flu, as it is up to our lymphatic system to help the body fight infection and toxins. The lymphatic system is a circulatory system without a heart to act as pump, so it depends on exercise and gravity. Thus, exercise is essential for a clean lymphatic system. herbs can also help. Lymphs can cleanse via sweat too, so sweating is good. The lymphs take toxins and fats and proteins from the blood, clean them up with white blood cells, and return ...   read more

Detox Bath   18 y  
How to help toxins out through your skin pores
Here are a few options: NIACIN DETOX BATH SEA SALT BATH ACV BATH OATMEAL BATH NIACIN DETOX BATH (Shelleycat’s Post) The detox bath recipe is this: Take 40-100 mg of Niacin. Make sure it’s the regular kind and not the non-flush kind, as you want to flush your skin and open your pores. Your scalp should itch and burn. Wait about 20 minutes for it to take effect. If you wish to do this detox bath nightly, only take the Niacin 1x a week and drink Chamomile tea or ginger tea on the other nights. While waiting for the Niacin or tea to take affect, use a dry skin brush and bru ...   read more

Tongue Diagnose   18 y  
How to diagnose your health by looking at your tongue
Cut and paste from Shelleycat For tongue diagnoses, only look at the front of the tongue, the part used for speech, not at the back of the throat. If you stick out your tongue, the part that is visible is used in tongue diagnoses, basically. A pale tongue indicates anemia, depletion A coated tongue indicates toxins. If the toxins are towards the back of the tongue, the toxins are mainly in the colon. Middle to front means small intestine and stomach. Whitish toxins indicate mucous/Kapha derangement. Yellowish indicates Pitta/Bile derangement, such as too much bile in the gallb ...   read more

Candida Picture   18 y  
Picture of candida inside the guts:   visit the page

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