Minimalist Yeast Abatement Protocol
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Terminal Lucidity   10 y  
Explores the relationship between acetaldehyde toxicity and terminal lucidity
Terminal lucidity is the unexpected return of mental clarity and memory shortly before death in patients suffering from severe psychiatric and neurologic disorders (brain abscesses, tumors, strokes, meningitis, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and affective disorders). Although this condition has been observed and reported for over 250 years in the medical literature, it is poorly understood. It has even been suggested that lucidity, memory and cognitive abilities may function by distinctly ”different” processes during this time from ”normal” brain activities impaired by t ...   read more

Cosmic Rise/Set Chi Pressure Blips   10 y  
Explores the sporadic nature of cosmic chi pressure in relation to recognizable symptomatology
In order to embark on a more detailed exploration of the ramifications of cosmic chi pressure fluctuations described previously: • See ”Cosmic Chi Pressure Roller Coaster” we need some additional input that is tailored to the time and space coordinates of the observer (a topocentric perspective). Some effects are global in nature, like the continuous chi pressure events (e.g. full moon) induced by geocentric opposition alignments: • See ”Cosmic Chi Pressure Calendars” Wherever there is motio ...   read more

Cosmic Chi Winter-Times   10 y  
Suggests a correlation between certain types of cosmic chi pressure events and global viral outbreaks
Normally cosmic chi pressure fluctuates over a daily timeline of cosmic events in intermittent bursts to provide both yin and yang phases of thiamine storage and release in the chi respiration cycle. This ensures that thiamine molecules are available in both the energy field chi lines and the bloodstream. • See ”Cosmic Chi Pressure Roller Coaster” Every month there is a three-day full moon effect of continuous yin which biases the chi respiration cycle towards thiamine storage rather than release. Four times a year the earth passes between ...   read more

Rebalancing chi respiration   11 y  
Explores the necessity for rebalancing chi respiration
When there is insufficient thiamine to satisfy both the requirements of the bloodstream and the energy field chi lines, you are in a state of ”chi depletion”. In common terms, a ”rundown” feeling, which makes you more vulnerable to fatigue and disease because your body cannot muster the energy to cope with daily stresses. Sporadic intervals of cosmic chi pressure are persistently trying to wind you back up like a spring but the thiamine intake may not be sufficient or it may be intercepted by the voracious appetite of your ”commensal” fungal load or diverted into dealing with chronic ye ...   read more

Cosmic chi pressure roller coaster   11 y  
Introduces the concept of cosmic chi pressure as an influence on human physiology
Many things remain a medical mystery. Why does the severity of certain chronic conditions vary over time, worse on some days and better on others? Why do viral pandemics like H1N1 surface and ravage the planet for years at a time only to vanish into the background? Perhaps the answer lies in the energetic effects of planetary motion on the physiology of all lifeforms on the earth -- a form of astrophysiology. The ”Thiamine Duality Hypothesis” [1] suggests that there is a cyclic transfer of thiamine into and out of storage structures in the body which provide reserves of this precious an ...   read more

Acetaldehyde and the NAD+/NADH redox state (II)    11 y  
Explores the impact of acetaldehyde on the backdoor tryptophan to niacin synthesis pathway with implications for bipolar disorder
Electron ping-pong (the transfer of electrons between substances) is so germane to the life biochemistry of organisms that numerous redox (reduction/oxidation) pools are maintained by the body to facilitate the supply and demand for electrons. Reducing agents are electron donors, losing electrons to become oxidized while oxidizing agents are electron acceptors, gaining electrons to become reduced. Antioxidants, such as ascorbate (vitamin C), are reducing agents that help prevent inappropriate oxidation which can spawn free radical chain reactions that are damaging to the body. It has be ...   read more

Acetaldehyde and tryptophan starvation    11 y  
Explores the impact of acetaldehyde on the antimicrobial defense system tryptophan starvation with implications for autoimmune diseases
Is it not astounding that C. albicans can produce counterfeit immunoregulatory molecules such as resolvin E1 and prostaglandin E2 that are indistinguishable from those made by the body itself? • See ”The Artful Dodger” This yeast species has established a niche in reality that it controls extremely well to provide for its needs. It is rarely found in the environment outside of a mammalian host and even when it is, it can usually be traced back to contamination or contact. It positions itself in nutrient-rich zones just waiting to be fed and ...   read more

Candida albicans -- The Artful Dodger    11 y  
Explores just a few of the complex interactions between yeast and the human host involving immune system avoidance and modulation
Researchers are just beginning to scratch the surface of the complexities of the microcosm where the ongoing struggle between a human host and the inevitable population of commensal yeast cells occurs on a moment to moment basis. While once it was thought that mucosal susceptibility to Candida infection was a result of a common defect in human immune response, it is now recognized that all mucosal sites are independent and unique relative to host immunoreactivity [1]. Antimicrobial peptides in saliva, including caprotectin, beta-defensins, and histatins provide a first line of defense i ...   read more

Acetaldehyde and the NAD+/NADH redox state    11 y  
Explores the interaction between acetaldehyde, nicotinamide and the NAD+/NADH ratio
Niacin and nicotinamide are both forms of vitamin B3, precursors to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a coenzyme used in balancing the redox requirements of cellular respiration. Based upon the experience gained in spotting an acetaldehyde scavenger, • See ”The Acetaldehyde Game” which molecular configuration, niacin or nicotinamide, would be more likely to react with acetaldehyde? Remembering the amide structure of urea which formed ethylidene-diurea with acetaldehyde, in a like fashion, acetaldehyde may form a Schiff base with ...   read more

Overnight noise for insomnia   11 y  
Describes a simple form of overnight passive Tai Chi for rebuilding stored thiamine levels
Overnight noise sequences (a form of passive Tai Chi) can be helpful in smoothing out cosmic chi pressure cycles so that both the yin and the yang phases of chi respiration (thiamine exchange between the body’s energy field and the bloodstream) are accommodated. The general idea is to have more yin (pink noise) than yang (white noise) at night so that the body rebuilds its chi field (stored thiamine) while still having sufficient bloodstream thiamine levels to both initiate and maintain sleep. Using too much white noise (e.g. continuously) defeats the chi storage part of the chi respira ...   read more

Acetaldehyde, antioxidants and a daily apple snack recipe    11 y  
Explores acetaldehyde scavengers in relation to antioxidants
Many substances are rated in relation to health benefits according to their antioxidant potential as free radical scavengers. But we have seen that excess free radical activity in the body can be traced back to disruption and inadequacy of sulfur-based redox pools: • See ”Acetaldehyde + Cysteine/Cystine Redox Pool” • See ”Acetaldehyde + Glutathione Pool” Since chronic exposure to acetaldehyde can both spawn reactive oxygen species and degrade the competence of the body in dealing with free ra ...   read more

Acetaldehyde and an apple a day    11 y  
Explores the acetaldehyde scavenging potential of apple polyphenols
Starting from acetaldehyde, we found that we could work forward to connect to a folklore (but not recommended) treatment for illness that has been used throughout history: • See ”Acetaldehyde + Urophagia” Can we start with a (highly recommended) folklore treatment and work our way back to acetaldehyde? Why single out an apple from all of the other fruits and vegetables in our dietary rainbow? Phloridzin and phloretin are flavonoids, a class of polyphenolic compounds that used to be referred to as vitamin P, occurring in many plan ...   read more

The Acetaldehyde Game   11 y  
Explores the interaction of acetaldehyde with folic acid, cobalamin, and urea.
Let’s play a combination game of ”pictionary” and ”find Waldo” to see if we can transfer the information gained from the side-trip into industrial acetaldehyde scavenging to good use in a medical context. • See ”Acetaldehyde + Industrial Contaminant” In this game we’ll be looking for molecular group similarities (the pictionary part) that might provide attractive binding sites for acetaldehyde (Waldo). Although folic acid (vitamin B9) is an essential dietary requirement of everyone, it is particularly important during pregnancy where def ...   read more

Acetaldehyde as an industrial contaminant   11 y  
Explores the usage of industrial chemical acetaldehyde scavengers
One of the problems associated with using polyesters such as poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) for beverage containers is the generation of acetaldehyde during the melt processing of the polyester. Although the quantities involved are not a toxicity concern, over time such contamination can alter the flavor of the contents of the container. One technique for dealing with this problem is to incorporate acetaldehyde scavenging additives during production that react to form water and an organic byproduct that does not affect the taste of the beverage nor discolor the container. A suite of po ...   read more

Acetaldehyde -- Liquid or Vapor?   11 y  
Explores the properties of acetaldehyde in relation to hydration and acidosis
Let’s take a closer look at the byproducts of the partial fermentation process being performed by Candida albicans in the body which forms acetaldehyde (the toxin) and carbon dioxide (the gas/bloating symptom). • See ”Candida + Acetaldehyde” Why are the boiling points (the temperature at which the liquid form changes into a vapor) so markedly different? Acetaldehyde is larger and heavier than water but has a much lower boiling point. Carbon dioxide is the same molar mass as acetaldehyde and somewhat smaller, but with a drasticall ...   read more

Acetaldehyde tables turned   11 y  
Explores a visualization technique for assisting immune system cells in dealing with Candida albicans
One of the problems that phagocytic cells of the immune system (neutrophils and macrophages) have with Candida albicans is that the budding cell that is engulfed for killing can sprout a germ tube and grow right out through the immune system cell that is attempting to kill it. This causes the death of the immune system cell and allows the still-viable yeast cell to escape. Even when a neutrophil is successful at dispatching a yeast cell, this accelerates the subsequent death of the neutrophil [1] making this precious resource of the innate immune system a single-kill entity ...   read more

Acetaldehyde scavenger hunt   11 y  
Describes the attributes of an "ideal" acetaldehyde scavenger
What makes something an ”ideal” acetaldehyde scavenger? Acetaldehyde is so reactive that almost anything it bumps into in the body can function as a de facto acetaldehyde scavenger. The problem with this is that the intended function of an essential structure or substance is then compromised by the presence of the acetaldehyde adduct. Introducing exogenous substances that react with acetaldehyde runs the risk, just like any drug, of side effects either before or after acetaldehyde interaction. The question also arises as to whether the scavenger itself should have antifungal properti ...   read more

Acetaldehyde and dirt for dessert   11 y  
Explores the interaction of acetaldehyde with humic/fulvic acid
Just because a naturally occurring substance is classified as a ”herb” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t incur side effects like drugs extracted or designed in a lab. On the other hand, not all ”side effects” of a drug are necessarily non-beneficial. Sometimes drugs that are specifically designed to attack a particular enzymatic pathway may have beneficial ”off-label” effects because of other interactions. Consider the structures of the naturally occurring substances humic and fulvic acids with respect to the frequency and availability of carbonyl (C=O) structures in any of quinone, ester, ...   read more

More acetaldehyde interactions (hormones and drugs)   11 y  
Explores the possible interactions of acetaldehyde with progesterone, prednisone, aspirin
If the statin lovastatin, used to modulate cholesterol metabolism, may actually achieve results via the acetaldehyde scavenging ability of its carbonyl esters in the molecule rather than by its expected mode of action: See ”Acetaldehyde + Lovastatin” are there other endogenous or exogenous substances that may also have peripheral effects because of salient carbonyl groups in their configurations? The ability of the carbonyl ketones in the female hormone progesterone to remove free acetaldehyde from circulation may provide some protection ...   read more

Acetaldehyde and quinones   11 y  
Explores the interaction between acetaldehyde and quinones (CoQ10, Vitamin K, Lapachol)
When the hydrogen atom joined to a carbonyl (C=O), something that is the distinguishing feature of an aldehyde, is another carbon-containing side group instead, then the structure is known as a ketone. A quinone contains a pair of ketones on a cyclic ring. Quinones are particularly interesting from an acetaldehyde perspective because they occur frequently in nature and in vital body nutrients. One of the simplest quinone structures is 1,4-benzoquinone: In the case of a quinone undergoing an acylation with acetaldehyde, the acetyl group can add either to one of the carbonyl ...   read more

Acetaldehyde and Dimethyl fumarate   11 y  
Explores the possibility of acetaldehyde and dimethyl fumarate interaction.
Given the predilection of acetaldehyde to react with other carbonyls (including itself): See ”Acetaldehyde Aldol Reactions” via the nucleophilic (positive-seeking) attack of the acetaldehyde enolate (negative) ion on the slightly positive carbonyl carbon, this opens up an vast array of molecular configurations that may produce beneficial results in a wide variety of conditions. Their ability to interact with yeast-released acetaldehyde because of their available carbonyls may remove free acetaldehyde from the body at the point of contact ...   read more

Minimalist Yeast Abatement Protocol   11 y  
Reason for this blog
This blog is a continuation of the discussion started in the Candida Support Forum at: All of the material is available (eventually) in the online publications: Astrophysiology...and Yeast Wondro Testimonials Pamphlet Wondro -- Inside Out ...   read more


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Continuation of the discussion of the same name in the Candida Support Forum. The objective is to find a protocol which reduces the impact of Candida albicans with the fewest side effects so that it can be continued indefinitely.… more...

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