Experiments with electricity as a healing tool
by Freeformcreation

Setup update   13 y  
Trying to isolate most effective conditions within electrically assisted healing devices.
I have since noticing that lower current seemed to be benificial in my tests and have altered my setup to explore that condition. A piece of bamboo replaced the tesla coil in between ignition coil and handhold and a battery pack was made at 7.4 volts dropped from 12.7. I have decided that I would test this for extend periods up to an hour. Previously exposure was 5-7 min. The power levels seem so low now though I feel it would be safe to test for longer exposure times. That and I wanted to see what effect placement on the arteries as in the Bob Beck protolcol might have. People often have ...   read more

Pattern emerging?   13 y  
Electrical test continued
I recently arranged The circuit I have been testing so that I could use a hand crank to power it. The power output as a result of less input. The effect from the change has been interesting I am in the realm of emotional feedback right now but it seems pretty tangible as I have been monitoring my emotional and physical changes while conducting these test for a few years now. You start to get a sense of that language your body uses to communicate with you in that amount of time. In any case the results seem positive. I realize that a pattern of benefitial alterations have been made. As outp ...   read more

Insite into the world of the unseen   13 y  
Electricities unseen properties
I generally try to relate my workings with electricity with behaviors of materials that match it’s characteristics. While thinking of how the sharp fall time of the wave form might be the most critical aspect of the observed health benefiting phenomenon I began to wonder if perhaps the rise time of the wave should be cuved off to help feed the shockwave created by the abrupt stopping of the pulse. When thinking of how I might achieve this I thought of using a capacitors charge time as a way to curve it off. Now where to put it to achieve this. In parallel with the secondary of the tesla ma ...   read more

Theories from results of new tests   13 y  
Properties of healing waveforms
Having experienced what appears to be better results with with an increase in off time for pulse I had the idea that I should investigate the water hammer effect and see what properties it possess. Maybe it is the abrupt stop of the electric energy that endows it with it’s abilities to set up resonance rather than the pulse itself. Many ifs to consider.   visit the page

Results of electric therapy for headcold   13 y  
Electro therapy exploration continues.
It was an epic battle with both sides bent on destruction. At times the tiny numerous (as I like to call them) seemed that they would gain the upper hand and I would be relegated to manufacturer of their chariots of snot. But I have pulled through and survived to tell the tale with maybe a bit learned and some more perameters to test. Wednesday mid day being the start till now on Monday symptoms have remained mild and treatment seemed to have noticeable easing of them at times. As always when I face a symtom that does not go away immediately I being to alter the set up to see if I can get ...   read more

Head cold = opportunity   13 y  
Head cold may help form theories into enemies at large, or small as it were.
I feel that many of the invaders we fight often wage what amounts to guerrilla warfare; doing their damage without their presence being greatly recognized. The head cold on the other hand is a stand up soldier, a moral foe that gets right in your face ( pun intended ha) and says ok what ya got. This is the start of my 4th day of glorious combat with my worthy adversary. It has been making it’s way to most around me and I have been waiting patiently for my opportunity to meet it on the battle field. I now have a target with which to test some theories. I have been working under the concep ...   read more

Some thoughts on Rife   13 y  
How past and present technologies may give insite into future of electronic therapies
What Rife might have been using and the implications of emerging technologies to help understand it’s effects. That is what I would like to consider for a moment. I have only bits and pieces of info from reports others have taken and my own experimental findings to draw from but I’m gunna through out some ideas I’ve had about Rife technology and newer frequency based healing technologies. I have worked with a neon helium gas tube in some testing and did notice as did others that tried it an anti pain effect. The tube was being driven with high voltage from an ignition coil. The output from ...   read more

Ideas for future exerimentaion   13 y  
Further testing
I just ran across information on a device that Hulda Clark is said to have used call the zappicator. What intrigues me most about it’s claims is that there is a speaker going to the zapper’s +. I have been working with high voltage circuits that seem to have special properties for pain relief and indications of anti pathogenic effects that also center on a single connection principle. That and having just read about healing with magnets I feel doubly compelled to explore this concept. Some thoughts I have as to how I might approach this is by analyzing the components of the zappicator. A ...   read more

Tesla coil hook up detail   13 y  
Why Tesla coil?
A note on how the Tesla coil is hooked up. From the ignition coil output one side of Tesla coil primary winding is connected. The other side of the primary is left open. On the secondary winding there is a handhold end and an end that is also left open. This setup was discovered after seeing how the induction happened on the Lakhovsky antenna when a high voltage output went to one end. A lower intensity spark could be drawn off the rings next to the one that had the hv connection. That observation coupled with the fact that I felt my back lossen up after use gave me the idea to try other a ...   read more

Details of current setup   13 y  
Circuit details
The feedback I use to tune my circuit was pain in lower back. It use to be hard for me to stand for 30 min or so without a sharp pain appearing upon bending down. That is no longer with me and my feedback symptoms are less and less these days and it seems that emotional responses will be my next area to examine. I have noticed changes my my emotional responses to stress and general feelings of well being while working with this setup I believe this might be used as a way to fine tune health and in turn fine tune the circuit. Here now will be a description of the device. Three 555 timer cir ...   read more

Why I am now here   13 y  
Electro health trials
After much hope and equal disappointment I have tested many of the methods of electric assisted healing that can readily be found online. I experienced times while working with Clark circuits that made pain vanish and energy sore, I was sure at those times that I had found my answer. Same with Beck circuits. I would be free from sickness forever! Then some symptom would return or cold would pop up and seem completely oblivious to the fact that I was annihilating it. So after due trial I was quite sure these technologies had something and also strongly felt and hoped that they where lacking ...   read more

In the beginning   13 y  
Enter the search for health freedom
It had been years since I began my true exploration into ideas of electricity as a tool of healing. Prior to this interest I, like most, was unconcerned with the hidden technologies that could improve health because I considered myself to be generally healthy. However unlike the frog in gradually heating water I got a nice wake up call that pushed me to challenge those beliefs. I would imagine a large number of people on this forum have similar beginnings and a drive to do more than just exist in their bodies. That I believe is what led us here. We want to understand our bodies in ways tha ...   read more


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