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Katrina refugee yogi in NB   16 y  
Or Not- the choice is Yours?! Who are you now, Who will you be in 10 minutes and who will you be tomorrow- Free will
” Drop your personal weaknesses and complaints. Go out and Bless the world!” YB ”Leave your shortcomings, forget your misery and just serve. Uplift others in the name of God.” YB ”Leave your shortcomings, forget your misery and just serve. Uplift others in the name of God.” YB What a wonderful quote. As a refugee from Katrina, stranded in the middle of Nebraska, you can’t imagine how inspiring that quote is. This puts in persepctive, eh? Those who have something to whine about, see the beauty in uplifitng others-Cool!   visit the page

Review Breath of Fire   16 y  
This will adjust and regulate so you will be alkaline-Lapis has some good raw food tips that will make the condition easier to maintain...You are so beautiful-and are so loved! Wahe Guru, Sat Nam!
Breath of Fire (Agni-Prasana) A cleansing & energising breath, powered by abdominal contractions Once the diaphragm is felt during Long Deep Breathing then there are a couple of ways in which one can begin to do Breath of Fire, where the air is pulled in and pumped out very rhythmically, just like pumping a bellows, without any tension being felt whatsoever on the abdominal muscles, chest and rib cage muscles or shoulders, which remain relaxes throughout the breath, so that it may almost seem that you can continue the rhythm indefinitely with little effort at all. One way to start B ...   read more

Breath of Fire&Alkaline PH   16 y  
Here's how to get whole, One of the first steps to health is a Alkaline PH- Did you know Breath of Fire will shift the acidity to alkaline? Yes it is so..
Through the practice of KY all is transformed! That doesn’t mean we live in a world that is perfect and loving at all times, or we live in a body that is pain free at all times, or we are spared pain and loss. We have been given the technology to carry us through and in the process uplift others and pull them along. When we are stuck in our pain body and negative mind we analyze and count our miseries and give a bigger voice to the negativity. Gururattana’s lesson # 2 The Art of Silence and Listening and lesson #4 Meditation to Switch Channels and for Emotional Balance are wonderful ...   read more

MS & acid/alkaline   16 y  
MS may be as simple as balance in the endocrine simple as? Well yes, it sounds simple but can be, as many of us know very complex, have faith be positive and make the corrections in nutrition. Love yourself as the Universe that created you does. BTW, Love is not necessarily easy-but an aperature of acceptance...Accept the Love that is you
I had a student with multiple sclerosis. She always raved about each class and how helpful they were to her. Aside from KY please also consider this: There was a doctor in Switzerland, her name is Kousmine (, sorry I only know this site in French, there must be translations...). She traced every disease back to an imbalance in vitamins, minerals, and /or amino acids in the body. She could cure cancer patients even after they were diagnosed to die in a couple of weeks. She instructed all her patients how to change their diet to get the nutrients they need ...   read more

Openness   16 y  
The opposite of closed?
openness “Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open.” -Rose Wilder Lane   visit the page

This Weeks Affirmations   16 y  
SOM, and Church of Religious Science have an e-mail that provides One with a thought for Wholeness
Your Daily Affirmations for the second week of September, 2005 Thursday, September 8, 2005 This day I accept my good, knowing God is guaranteed. Friday, September 9, 2005 Today, I accept the creation of my life exactly as I would have it be. Saturday, September 10, 2005 Today, as I align my beliefs to the truth my life is transformed. Sunday, September 11, 2005 Today, I give thanks for all my blessings past, present, and future. Monday, September 12, 2005 As I choose to experience unconditional spiritual love, my love lasts a lifetime. Tuesday, September 13, 2005 E ...   read more

Champions   16 y  
"Give me the ball, I want to fly with it" 9th
reliability ”Champions take responsibility. When the ball is coming over the net, you can be sure I want the ball.” -Billie Jean King Being reliable   visit the page

3rd Eye- Pineal Gland   16 y  
More on locating and nuturing the 3rd eye
The third eye is the 6th chakra and associated with the pineal gland. As it begins to activate and open - it is a common experience that one sees an eye - or eyes - looking back at them. Your perspective in dreams or colors your personal life and relationships - will be seen through a ’new light.’ You are moving into a higher frequency that enables you to expand your consciousness and see reality on many levels and dimensions. This can be a quantum leap in perception and can be life changing as you discard patterns that no longer work in this new higher frequency. Your total perce ...   read more

The Discovery of Joy   16 y  
Whoa, we are in for a ride yesterday... such a beautiful example of the connecting, observing, then creating and loving the moment. Whew! I am touched by her absolute ability to focus her observer!
We all need to face our habits that are not satisfying. When I fall into habits I know are not the best for me, I watch myself go through that experience yet one more time. I am kind of curious. Why am I doing this this time? I let myself experience it fully instead of feeling guilty about it. It is what I have chosen to do this time once again, but this time I’ll also bring awareness to it. And I have gifts coming from this awareness. I too love playing games on the computer by myself or with others. So I watch if I am connecting with the experience or am I aloof. I am usually pla ...   read more

Ambient Electromagnetic Radiation   16 y  
Oh make me write bad checks, and tie me up...this is too scientific for words...and.... yet, there is a seed~ what if: one could put Magnetite in the red stuff Hindus rub on the 3rd eye and it soaked through the skin and then one took melatonin and howled at the moon on the 3rd Thursday of the 3rd month of the lunar centrifugal nonsense yada- then you are a socerer...huh?
Effects of Ambient Electromagnetic Radiation Given that the production of melatonin is, amongst other things, controlled by the intensity and nature of ambient electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of geo-magnetic strength, then the intensity and orientation of the EM fields a neonate is exposed to perinatally could obviously alter the level of pineal melatonin in that neonate and, hence, influence its later development. We know the exposure of neonatal animals to light significantly changes later melatonin secretion patterns, and we know that similar effects occur in human newborns (Fielke et a ...   read more

Pineal Gland & Melatonin   16 y  
Pineal Gland, want to stimulate it? Sure! a magical mystery tour right in you own's all there ~ just add melatonin and water...nothing needed or added...You've got the edge right there, right inside of you-Let's Play! Let's dance! Let's Meditate, Let's Go Where The Wild Things ARE! They knashed their terrible teeth, the rolled their terrible eyes....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! (I can fly can you?)
The Pineal Gland At various times in the history of medicine the precise function of the small discrete pea-like structure we have in the centre of our brains, called the pineal gland, was considered to be: a memory valve, a valve controlling circulating vital fluids, the seat of the soul, and the site of a presumed pathology causing certain types of mental illness – “a stony hardness of the pineal gland” (McGillion, 1980). In the mid nineteen fifties this confusion began to clear when the pineal gland’s true function was discovered and the nature of the link between ourselves and certai ...   read more

iatromathematici   16 y  
Just looking at that word physically excites me! Yes, a new word, how I love The Word.........Do you know what it means? I DO! But not until today!
In Ancient Greece there was a distinction made between those who studied the stars in fairly general terms – the mathematici or magi, and those who did so for medical purposes – the iatromathematici. However the two areas of study overlapped considerably with little distinction being made between physical and metaphysical speculations. Accordingly, what we now know of as astronomy and astrology remained virtually indistinguishable for centuries (Tester, 1987a, b). In addition to cosmological influences, Greek physicians stressed the importance of environmental factors in the welfare of th ...   read more

3rd I, stimulation and location   16 y  
Where ever is it, whatever it feels like, whatever it lookslike? Who gives a rat's ass?
When you focus on the third eye, it is really a physical eye posture. It’s not so much about visualizing anything. I would not suggest you stay attached to a vision or color or something that looks like an eye. Just feel the physical experience of your eyes in that posture. After a while it will become soothing. In the beginning it may feel strange like tightness in your frontal lobe. It disapears after a few minutes. What Guru Rattan suggested about an empty space is not so much visualizing as to experience ”nothingness”, and learn to be comfortable with it. We always try to fil ...   read more

Resistance is Futile   16 y  
When we feel separated from Source we are prone to "mistaken identity" That is, we think we are alone! We are not listening to our soul and we are not aware of true identity when we are depressed. You are never alone, even in the middle of a hurricane, and some die- guess what, we are all going to die and come back again~as we have been for yugas. This does NOT mean I approve of brutality or ignorance. Can I fix it- only in myself!
I read somewhere that sadness is simply an attachment to the past which we’d rather feel when we’re scared of the future. I have looked at it that way ever since I and it has worked every time for me. So in that light feeling sadness while doing yoga is a good sign.It shows that you are getting close to leaving the past behind and entering into a new phase of your life. Just ask yourself what it is you might be scared of about the future. I know it is common to talk about depression as the result of a chemical imbalance in our culture. But I believe the chemical imabalance is the ...   read more

How to awaken Kundalini?   16 y  
Everyone has their flavor even within the Kundalini community. WEe have a group on yahoo that discusses all sorts of issues of health, wellness, being human, being a spiritual being, etc, etc.
Can anyone please tell me as many methods as possible of awakening kundalini without using mantras or physical activity. Thanks in advance. ANSWER~The ONLY safe way to awaken Kundalini is to do the work! The kriyas (exercises) mantras (meditations and chanting) are the way to do it as it was intended to be done! The Kundalini energy is within us all; it is our birthright to access this energy and to utilize it for health, healing, wellness and prosperity, in the right ways. There are methods out there, even energetic healing modalities that claim to use ...   read more

Back Pain Relief   16 y  
Awtar Singh on KenkoWave Infrared Treatment System
First I encourage you to continue any kriya you want with one restriction: don’t do anything to aggravate the injury in your lower back. But you can do anything by just laying on your back (or in any comfortable posture you can hold) and imagining, as really as you can experience it, each of the postures while you do the chanting and the breathing and the eye posture and the finger mudra... When you do the kriya this way you do it with your subtle body. This is a great opportunity and it will make you you more aware and sensitive and activate your healing. Also a few times a day, ...   read more

Mastermind Connection   16 y  
Collective Consciousness for Moving Mountains. Jesus wasn't just popularizing himself when he shared the wisdom of 2 or more gathered together in His name...he knew the secret of One Mind~ and it's ability to change this plane.
“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.” - Napoleon Hill 7 Steps to the Mastermind Connection™ I SURRENDER ordinary thinking. I recognize and accept that I desire to add to my own inherent power the sum and substance of the intelligence, experience, knowledge and spirituality of my MasterMind partners to provide amazing ideas and affirmative language to assist me in generating new results now. I FOCUS the power of my intention to be open to all possibilities. I dissolve in my mind, and i ...   read more

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