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Date:   11/12/2006 11:14:03 PM ( 17 y ago)
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The internet isn't only your turf man, it's the new communications medium. That means, it is reality...and reality (Truth) is under attack at this very moment, thats why you got sites like or to dispell the misinformation. The attacks occur here even, anyone can visit this site...despite their agenda. There are plans in place right now to break the internet apart and limit bandwidth according to what your internet provider thinks is suitable for their own internet (their own little world of deception). Who knows if it will go through, but the plans are more intimidation...they openly discuss raping you first to see what kind of supporters will follow. They will have their blind supporters of course, the people who believe all the horror stories that are pushed around about the internet and "terrorism." The smaller corporations however, will jump the gun and help drum up support for this nefarious act of censorship...they will in turn be granted better rates for advertising on these new fragmented internets. Requiring you to suscribe to an internet where only certain sites are allowed would be corporately funded censorship, the further rise of a police state. Corporations were allowed to operate by our government, but people granted the right for the government to exist. If the government isn't doing its job of protecting the people and upholding their rights...we have a problem, we do have a problem. We cannot accept them taking away liberties like free speech, giving up freedom only gives you slavery. I can't have someone telling me how to use my phone, why would I allow this on the internet? These corporate tyrants are parasites, they need to be dealt with.

The internet is reality, and the people who are waking up are taking away from the power structures. The cure is possible and always will be...the medical establishment has kicked over blatant lies and distortions in order to blind people. This is where people should get angry, doctors are obviously taking so much pride in their work that they refuse to help, what are they doing then? They are taking up's not our job to educate them, just like it's not their job to clean up their own shit. The drug companies educate doctors...and all drugs are liver toxic, so then doctors are educated by ruthless corporations that stand for nothing and we are offered liver toxic drugs that cause more problems. Harmful medical treatments aren't simply offered though, over a dozen vaccines are required for children entering school...psychological testing is also required, and they (an elite ruling class of tyrants) decide when to take your children away from you and what treatments can be used.

I found it strange that you mentioned a virus myths site that sort of got the ball rolling for this is where I can honestly say I was first awakened. A good friend that I had the pleasure of working with several years back suggested I read a book. She hadn't even got around to reading it, but I couldn't put the book down...I wish I remembered the name. It was sort of an investigative autobiography. It was about a physician who told of his firsthand experiences with the "war on bacteria and viruses" ...all the way back to the days when Penicilin was the so called "cure all." His conclusions were so important that he chose to incorporate his life story as well. He had to speak of what led him to this discovery, it meant that much to him. His conclusions are reality, the conclusion for me is that perceived reality is severely skewed (people are asleep). The war on bacteria and viruses is worthless. It only sells antibiotics, and none of these address the cause of disease or have been able to permanently ward off microorganisms (everything becomes resistant). What would this accomplish though if there were these super-antibiotics? The germ theory of disease is wrong, Pasteur (the guy that the pasteurization process was named after) said himself before he died that he was wrong about this germ theory. We would be exterminating fellow slaves instead of the slave master (the toxic unnatural environment that surrounds us).

Meanwhile, ever more up to date antibiotics are put out that the vast world of microorganisms simply laugh at. The horrors don't stop though, because with all of this so called alternative information available today...physicians are still prescribing these worthless antibiotics at higher and higher numbers everyday. They want to sterilize (kill) you by waging this war, and a human being is a symbiotic organism like any cannot live without the help of bacteria/viruses. Thank you for sharing your story, and believing in something....please continue to fight for what you believe.

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