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Date:   10/9/2006 9:54:04 AM ( 16 y ago)
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I think some exercise is pretty key while fasting. At work I walk around all day for 10 hours, so I didn't do too much other than that, but I did go jogging once or twice per week.

I guess rebounding would have some of the same effect, but when jogging you're getting your circulation deeper into tissue as well as shaking up the crap lodged inside yourself.

Just make sure to drink a good veggie juice with greens afterwards. I found I'd feel a little worse the day after jogging, but not like being tired, as I had no stiffness or soreness in my legs. I think it's just because you detox faster when exercising so there's more crap in the bloodstream.

Pretty much every day, I'd wake up before work, make a carrot/apple juice for breakfast, and one to take in a thermos to work. I'd get home around six and make a veggie juice, and sometimes another small carrot/apple near bedtime if I felt crappy. On saltwater flush days, I'd do the flush on returning from work, then the veggie juice a couple hours later.

Hope that helps!

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