Calling me a liar with no evidence is slander by rudenski .....

Date:   9/4/2006 8:39:42 AM ( 15 y ago)
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You are calling me a liar? You do not visit the links or you would not say I am a liar. If you did, you would know it is true. Look at the links first at least or what you are saying is slander. The truth is that you simply do not want to know the truth. Having learned the truth, you would have to change your opinion and your opinion must be right because? You might want to look at those links but what I am telling you will be useless truths, unless you desire freedom from ignorance and only then if you are willing to sacrifice closely held beliefs in fictions. Ignorance allows one to continue believing a false world view to support one's current perceptions of the world. The truth is out there. The truth will set you free. You attempt a bait and switch to avoid the topic when you accuse me of lying to avoid facing the truth of what I am saying. You are a human being first though. I understand your view. I lived it. I would like you to respect my humanity as well by at least looking at the links I have provide you and base your opinions on what I said and the information I provided. If you look and can prove that what I have said is a lie then your accusation is not slander. I have given you a rebuttle. You said my links may not be true because they are just on the internet. Where is your proof? Where is there anyything but slander? What do you think of this soldier who tells a different tale?

Iraq War - Jeff Key - A Marine Against the War in Iraq, But Not a Pacifist?

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