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Date:   7/9/2006 8:55:59 PM ( 17 y ago)
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URL: act like this is your *last* Master Cleanse! You can always experiment with shorter cleanses and Oxy-powder. It was on my shorter cleanses that I deviated and found things to do which were effective and *fit* for me, like the different teas and essential oils.

Something I did after my last cleanse which I would do again if I did not have to go so far (4 hours) was an Ion are a couple of informative links. I really felt a major difference. I may see if I can find someone with a unit closer. It was the same price as a colonic and I could really tell a difference....

I think there is room for experimentation with the cleanse just as there is room for improvment with the liver flush, for example, the addition of ginger and tumeric...(will try this out my next flush)...

Let the alchemy begin...ggg

be happy, be well,


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