Hope you are having a well deserved nap by dreaming ofhawaii .....

Date:   6/8/2006 6:47:00 PM ( 17 y ago)
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Today is day eight. My tongue is half pink and I am thrilled. Today makes 28 days I have done the cleanse since the beginning of Feb. How did Stanley ever get a pink tongue in 8 days. Proves how many more toxins we are exposed to everyday than he was sixty years ago.

Every day after I get my daughter off to school I look at your blog for inspiration to make it through the day. I could do it without the blog, by the blog is so awesome. I will thankfully take all of the help I can get. Yesterday was a great day for me and today I feel great also. I have a 90 minute Thai massage scheduled for this afternoon. My little treat to myself. Yesterday after a yoga class I had a 35 minutes session in the sauna. Ah, pure heaven.

I love your link on apple cider vinegar. I always see the ads in papers to send money and get all the cures. Here it was online. I like the one about killing parasites with acv.

Hope you have a lovely day, Zoe. Aloha

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