Re: 100 yards to the outhouse by Zoebess .....

Date:   6/4/2006 6:27:26 PM ( 17 y ago)
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LOL~~~~~~haaa haaa haaa....I know it wasnt funny for you in the moment, hearing you tell it though, it really is something I can identify with ...this morning, I was REALLY trying to control myself and my eyes were even furtively darting looking for a spot I might never want to walk again...just in case I had to let 'er go. LOL...

ah, I needed a good laugh. I also may have to carry TP around my neck when I go traipsing in the yard. Its a very big yard and it is a personal testament to the power of my BUM that my stiff walk worked! I was also praying that NO ONE would drive down the road and see me doing this strange robot stride and stop and inquire had I lost my mind. ah...there are miracles every day. Heck, IN THE HOUSE which is a little large, it takes some determination to control the SWF when its ready to explode. I think it may have been Picolo who fantasized building a toilet desk. I will be staying closer to the throne room from now on!

Sure glad you make it...thinking about you not makes me wanna stop thinking....ggg!

Thanks for sharing, really~~~

be happy, be well,

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