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Date:   5/14/2006 2:13:43 PM ( 15 y ago)
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Thank you - this is good to hear. Maybe in 3 days or so, I won't be so UGLY in my "face". Ugh. Yes, I am really getting into this grassarian thing. Sometimes you just come upon a dietary that you think may be your "salvation" - alas, it can betray you, but for the time, you really want to give it your all, hoping it'll give back to your your heart's desire.

When is your "next time"? Do you want to fast with me?

Yes, I'm the living proof that you can be a fatty on veganism if you are a starchytarian - I don't eat the cakes, but even something like macrobiotic veganism can make you fat because the grains are so acidic and the coarse gluten and potatoes and beans make one so puffy. As an ethical vegan, I sure wish it were a simple equation between veganism and health/looks, but society provides the consumer with so many ways to eat junk food, even raw ones, that it's unfortunately a lot more complicated.

Thank you for writing in - let me know if you want to fast, or even grass".

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