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Date:   3/2/2006 1:50:23 AM ( 17 y ago)
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I highly recommend colonics! I have never had a bad experience with one, only good ones. I always feel lighter and a bit at sounds wierd, but I feel it helps center me. I try and do it at the end of a fast. I have booked one actually for the day after I do a liver flush. I cannot wait to see the little stones floating out of my body along with a bunch of other stuff ;).

***now going to get a little more into detail*** ;)
It really does not hurt. Have you done and enema? I will tell you the tube they insert is bigger than an enema tube, but you are getting stuff in and out. You just need to completely relax when they insert it and don't worry, it gets lubricated.

It SO does NOT hurt like childbirth. I am not a champion like you, but I have given birth only to one child naturally (20 hours), the only thing related to pain as a result of my childbirth is the lovely 'roid from pushing ;). If I have been doing a series of enemas while I was fasting and then I go in for a colonic, that bad boy acts up and gives me *some* discomfort, but no real pain.

So go for it!

Blessings and Love -


P.S. Hang in there with the hubby. I hear you, this is my hubby's busy season and my son and I are missing him terribly! (He does not travel, but he gets home at Midnite!) You are my hero, fasting for as long as you have with 3 children!!!!! It is hard enough with just one!

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