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Date:   2/14/2006 8:20:44 PM ( 17 y ago)
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This is so cool, that you're excited about what you're doing! There's nuttin' like setting a fire under your arse to motivate you. LOL

Lists? hahaha I do lists too... LOL Without those lists my 30 day juice fast would have been sooooooooo hard to do.

Today is my last day on my 30 day juice fast. But I am going to continue on after taking a couple days off... Dunno for how long, just going with the flow right now, playing it by ear.

I think it's terrific your husband is changing his dietary habits. Mine is going on a two week modified juice fast. That's a start!

I want to try the RAW lifestyle too... I am trying to sprout some Garbanzo beans for hummus... I'm not going to be eating it, my husband may... I'm just trying it out.

Have you seen DeraDune's RAW blog... it's absolutely stunning!

I wish you the best on your endeavor!


~ Dazzle

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