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Date:   2/7/2006 5:25:28 AM ( 15 y ago)
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Hi bluestar ... I thought afterwards that the parade I saw was triggered by the images my mind put out earlier of angels on parade, i.e. some beings came in response to those thoughts.

While I was sitting in a circle to develop clairvoyance one of my buddies in the circle told me that the angels liked the pictures my mind was putting out - although she herself had no way of knowing what I was doing, because I hadn't talked about it.

Since then it has been quite clear to me that whatever we think, angels can actually see. And when it's a pretty thought, of course they see a correspondingly pretty image.

It also struck me that what I was seeing in the room were four dimensional forms, but they had somehow managed to "convert" themselves to fit into three dimensions so they could be present there, and I could see them. I imagine it's something like you or me flattening ourselves completely so as to be seen in the world of a two-dimensional being: quite a feat, and it must take quite a lot of effort on the part of the entity doing it.

I don't know if you've noticed, but sometimes after seeing an interesting object, form etc. in a dream or during meditation, we sort of "lose" it after returning to waking consciousness: we simply can't reconstruct it in our mind.

An example I can give is that I had a dream where my mother and I were walking down a yellow spiral staircase. I have no idea what the symbolical meaning of that is; however, on waking I was quite aware that the staircase must have been four dimensional because I simply couldn't see it then as it had been.

On those occasions, what we have seen was four dimensional, and we were only capable of seeing it as it truly is while in our altered state of dreaming or meditating.

Anyway, when one is aware of beings such as these bubbles of light it really is appropriate to thank them and acknowledge the effort they put into being with us physically.

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