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Date:   1/31/2006 4:27:13 PM ( 17 y ago)
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I'm really curious to know why the statement of "If you do not think so let us hear from you!" was added. IMHO, it seems almost inflammatory. Perhaps it's just semantics, but it may read as an aversion for those very people you may feel need to hear your words the most ("put 'em up").

Anyway, as an agnostic and humanist, I (and many others) can agree in full with your well-written post (minus a spirit realm, of course *s*). It's true that life is more than self and I am always urging people to move a little "deeper" live a little further than the surface. Going deeper can be scary but it's worth it.

I would add, however, every person should practice introspection as a first step to helping others. Ever heard "If Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy"? If you're right with yourself you can help make so many things around you better. (I believe you've stated this in other ways before.)

2 cents *s* Thanks for the post!

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