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New to the forums here and could not figure out how to reply to your message I recieved via email but anyway...the recipes for both Almond Milk and Sesame milk are similiar and SO EASY!!

For the almond milk... cup almonds, four cups-six water, a bit of celtic sea salt, and honey to taste. (Some people use raw organic sugar cane.)

Rinse One cup of raw almonds and then soak in the four cups of water, a minimum of four hours...I soak mine overnight. I keep the soaking water and use it to make the milk, a lot of people throw this water out or else use it in other recipes. I think the soaking water preserves a lot of the flavor when I make my milk. If you throw it out and start fresh you will need to add four cups of water. If you keep the soaking water, after soaking, you will have to add about two more cups as a good bit is absorbed by the almonds.

The almonds will expand, but with some practice, you will put in enough water that they all stay submerged. When ready to prepare the milk, you will need a blender or food processor. I use a blender. Put the almonds in with the water..and PULVERIZE 'em...LOL...

If your blender won't hold the almonds and all the water, that's okay, do it in stages.

I strain the resulting liquid through a mesh strainer, some use cheesecloth, etc. then the nut meat that is left in the strainer I reblend with the remaining soaking liquid and strain again. I add a pinch of celtic sea salt and honey to taste. To me it has a flat taste without the salt. The honey helps to sweeten it, obviously and makes the transition from dairy easier. As time goes by, my family uses far less sweetener in it. I sometimes make two with no sweetener to use in "uncooking."

When it sits in the fridge it will separate into layers...this is fine...just shake it up before you drink it or use it over fruit or "uncooked" cereals, etc. You can also take that "creamy" top layer and use it as a marvelous "whipped" cream topping or as a creamy base for many blender soups etc.

The remaining nut meat that you strained out...can be used in an infinite variety of ways...I use mine as a base for "meatless" meatballs for Raw Spaghetti or "hoagies," and in "garden burger" recipes. Visitors to our home, nver realize they are eating RAW when I use it in this way.

I buy a pound of raw almonds each week and this make enough "milk" for a family of four and used in my "meatless" meats, makes about 3 pounds of meat. The almonds cost me me a bit over $6 a I consider between the "milk" and the "meat" this is quite a bargain...compared to a gallon of milk and three pounds of ground beef.

I also blend the nut meat with a dab of raw tahini, ground flax seeds, whatever fruit I have going overripe until I get a firm dry paste...(add more flax seed to achieve this. I roll it into balls, roll in crushed nuts or carob powder for a great snack or "truffle" like dessert. My husband LOVES these rolled in nuts and he is NOT a raw fooder.

Sesame milk is made in the same way....simply soak your sesame seeds in about the same ratio...this can get expensive...but its delicious and as I said, such a fantastic source of calcium and helps to break the sugar addiction.


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