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Date:   12/13/2005 2:40:33 PM ( 17 y ago)
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Utopia: An ideal place or state. Any vision of a socially and politically perfect society. From Greek roots, it derives its meaning from the words outopia, meaning "no place" and eutopia, meaning " a place where everything is right." In a sense, a utopian land in fiction becomes both a place that never quite existed as it is portrayed and a place where everything seems perfect. It is an imagined world.

Utopia like Janaki suggested is "Home" it is not a physical location so much as a place inside, devoid of illusion that I try to project into outer reality. No social or political problems because these distinctions no longer exist within me to exist without. Home can be a state where I can live out of a backpack, yet am perfectly comfortable in that I am at peace with myself and therefore with all others to the exclusion of none. I have experienced "Home" lately and can attest it is not beyond my grasp to live within and yet without. Trying to achieve that feeling for 12 seconds NOW


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