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Date:   10/17/2005 10:35:21 PM ( 17 y ago)
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Hello I have had these since I was a kid i assume it was allergies. Over they years they really got better to non existant.

I had a Homeopathic doctor test me for Candida and he said mine was extremely bad an the levels were causing all sorts of stuff. I see an alergist in the morning to do testin to cofirm the other guys findings.

He gave me a 4 week round of various remedies and my die off effect was severe to full body symptoms.

My eyes got worse, darker, itchy and exzema I never had this, he said bare with it but I look like Im a drug addict in public it is embarrassing, I can not out up with this. I stopped the remedies for 4 days now and it looks a bit better, whatever the case there must be a better solution.

any ideas?

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