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Date:   10/1/2005 5:48:53 PM ( 16 y ago)
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I started reading your blog because i have found myself like you, opting for a more natural way of healing than surgery. I was so glad to hear your attitude on the gastro surgery. I believe that was your gardian angel watching over you. Although everyone that I have met that had the surgery did lose weight they had digestive problems that lead to more even worse problems. I have often felt sorry for someone going in for that surgery. You are definatly on the right track with the cleanses you are doing. If there is an underlying problem that has caused the obesity and i believe that is the only reason for obesity not that we eat to much but that something is going on in our body out of control and causeing this condition, than you will surely wittle them down with the cleanses. I started my first cleanse 6 months ago. I started with Candida and liver, when i discovered the Master cleanse I did it for 10 days , took a 5 day break and repeated it. and i am now doing a parasite cleanse and plan on doing a more intense liver cleanse. I have lost 50 pounds and am no longer taking any medication which i was on before for high blood pressure,diabeties,anxiety, depression, arthritis, and migrain headaches. My body is truly thankfull to me that i am finally paying attention to it. I was 60 pounds over weight so i am only 10 pounds from my weight goal. But i will continue cleansing until all health issues are gone. Good luck with your cleanses. you trully are in control now.

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