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Date:   6/24/2021 7:54:22 AM ( 27 mon ago)
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Thank you - I am doing exercise and eating a lot of raw veggies, a little bit of juicing, and lots of alkalising.

I don't smoke cigarretes, just hand rolled. When I smoke cigarettes I choke to death .. I can't stand to be in a room of cigarette smokers, but the hand rolling tobacco is much purer.

Still, the purpose of giving up is not so much for physical health (although that's part of it of course), but more for my own belief in any addiction is emotionally unhealthy. I'm trying to work on the emotional side more than the physical.
I have no problems with people who choose to smoke though. And I think all the propoganda against smokers makes it even harder for people to consider giving up sometimes.

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