Re: Rh Incompatibility in the 1950s - Long Term Consequences by Karlin .....

Date:   11/14/2020 1:24:29 AM ( 28 mon ago)
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Sorry for the late reply, crazy life, you know...

Good point - there may be biological reasons for that distance, maybe mother "rejects the baby" in some way that she might not even be aware of.

It is a worthy survey - we should scour the web for studies on that. Sorry, I should.

Because yes, I would say that my mother and I were somewhat distant. But there is cultural too - "cold northern Vikings Vs Southern warm hearts" kind of cultural thing.
Dad NEVER hugged. But they know now that the un-hugged infant suffers changes in the brain, and carries certain trainst through life, for the most part. Some get around it. But it is not replaceable.

Gee, sorry you had that loss of needed love - I can relate, yes.

And then we just Live as well as we can eh?

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