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Date:   5/21/2016 7:32:13 PM ( 7 y ago)
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Hi Karlin,
I am a 59 year old male and in the past few years I have begun to wonder if my numerous health issues might be attributed to my RH disease. I am the third child of three that my mother delivered. She was basically warned not to have a third child due to the RH antibodies that had built up in her blood. The information that my mother provided me was that I looked a bit jaundiced at birth but otherwise "OK." She also told me that I did receive 2 complete blood transfusions during my first 48 hours of life but that was about all the information I was given. I have had numerous emotional and physical problems starting from an early age. I will do my best to list them all in (semi)chronological order. I was born with partial hearing loss in both ears which I understand was common with untreated RH babies; severe tinnitus which I deal with 24/7; ADHD which I pretty much knew I suffered from but wasn't positively diagnosed until my mid 30's; depression and anxiety which I am taking medications for; a pre-cancerous condition caused by acid reflux called Barrett's asophagus; severely bulging discs in both my neck and lower back which causes me moderate to severe pain and numbness in my left fingers; diverticulosis with occasional bouts of diverticulitis.I had multiple surgeries to repair hernias and hemorrhoids; arthritis in numerous joints; angioplasty with 5 stent placements; neuropathy of the pudendal nerve;(might want to look that one up as the symptoms are many and some very cruel.) proctalgia fugax which may be related to the neuropathy which causes occasional fleeting severe pain in my rectum. So painful that I sometimes end up curled into the fetal position in bed until the pain passes. Thankfully it passes in about a half hour; almost total loss of my tooth enamel which caused an inordinate amount of tooth work which recently culminated in having all my teeth crowned, and just last year I almost died from septic shock brought on by complications with gall stones and virtually total breakdown of my gall bladder. I know that I'm forgetting some problems but I think you get the idea. I remember you talking about your report card usually saying something along the lines of "An intelligent person but needs to apply herself more. I wish I had a dollar for every time one of my teachers told my parents that or wrote it in the comments section of my own report cards. Talk about frustrating, knowing that you really were trying your hardest. There is a website called patient info that I recently found. It has a thread that was recently started dedicated to this same subject. We are hoping that more and more people will join the group and share their experiences with us. There is so little information out there for people like us.

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