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A mild ketogenic diet is a carbohydrate and sugar restricted diet. There are a lot of resources on the internet about ketogenic diets. It is considered to be the diet of choice to control/eliminate disease.
The diet is primarily vegetables, meats and lots of good fats. Carbs are kept below 20% of the total intake. The basic concept is that the body creates energy by either converting fat or carbs. If you have a heavy carb diet, you will convert them to glucose. If you have a heavy fat diet, you will convert them to ketones for energy and the fat will not be laid down as body weight.
As a nursing mother, you need a lot of calories. I don't know if a ketogenic diet is right for you. I wouldn't recommend that you restrict calories or carbs until the baby is weaned. It's just that carbs and sugars (including fruit) feed parasites. Parasites will also take some of the nutrition and iron out of the food so you will not receive it.
Focus on organic food. Anti parasitic foods may be too intense for your baby.


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