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Date:   7/14/2015 2:56:55 PM ( 8 y ago)
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Well I tried the Charcole tablets, then I swear it made my body odour worse because the banging of doors in my place, I then started to smell poo which I'm guessing is the constipation from the Charcole, so I freaked, took 5 laxatives and was on the toilet all morning! Think its impossible for Charcole to make me smell worse, maybe it was just coincidence??

H202 turned up, I gargled 1 part H202 3% food grade and 8 parts water, did this 3 times, mannn did I gag!! It leaves a film coating in your mouth and it my the thrush on my tongue go worse, when I got home, sore tongue, ate (I've started my anti candida diet) I brushed my teeth and to my amazement, the thrush has started disappearing already!? Its still there but dramatically less!
So up my nose the solution went to my sinuses and did that burn in one nostril more than the other! I felt like I couldn't breath!! But I could taste a bit of mucus on my mouth after I've done it and will repeat this I think 3 times a day with bottled water. The colour of my lips have come back, that stuff is amazing! Anyways I'm hoping my distilled water turns up real soon so I can drink this stuff which I'm so scared to do!!

Update you soon!! Fingers crossed!

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