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Date:   6/18/2015 3:59:38 AM ( 7 y ago)
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Don't lose hope vch.

You might want to look into MMS. I've got a systemic parasite issue (caused by MMS just like how you took that one thing that caused your issue). I did nothing for months and then returned to MMS again and found it keeps the parasites at bay very well and in some instances kills them.

Start with just one drop of sodium chlorite solution + one drop of citric acid. Wait 60 seconds then put those two drops in 8 fl oz. of water and drink 1 fl oz of that each day.

At first you should feel almost nothing because this is such a small dose but increase the number of drops (MMS and citric acid) by one each day so youíll be up to 30 after a month. When the mixture gets too strong for your tastebuds (maybe around 15 drops or so) dilute it with more water right before you take it.

This should give you the stability you need. You can then look into additional treatment to kill the parasites such as antiparasitic drugs/herbs/cleanse and zapping which will all be more effective while on MMS also

While on MMS you mustnít consume high antioxidant foods or supplements or acids such as vinegar and lemon as these will neutralize the MMS. Itís kind of a bummer after a while worth it for the benefit.

I know people say bad things about MMS sometimes but Iíve been on and off MMS a few times now because I listened to some of these people saying it was bad and every time I come off it I suffer and every time I go back on it I recover. I think the secret is to say on it for a long time while doing a lot of other antiparasitic treatment. In a year or two youíll be all better and much much healthier than before.

You can combine with chelation as well but thatís a whole other story that requires quite a bit of research and stuff.

Anyway I hope you get better. I feel really bad for you having to go through that. You sound exactly like what I have only you don't have the MMS so I really hope this improves things for you. PM me if you want more help.

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