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Date:   6/12/2015 11:49:28 AM ( 8 y ago)
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Hi, your story is very sad. Welcome to CZ. I have been suffering from large flukes and ascarias/ropes for a very long time. I had awful periods every month, heavy bleeding with large chunky stuff. My infection of parasites became chronic after many steroid shots for sinus problems. Iam sure there is a large colony of parasites in my uterus and cervix. I have a hysterectomy to schedule and am wondering if an OB gyn scan could detect a parasite in the womb? I am dreading the hysterectomy, thinking my uterus and cervix probably would be ok if they could just remove the parasites in there. Of course no doctor believes in parasites or thinks two albenz pills woukd kill the bugs so I am wondering if you think it would be best just to go through with the hyst to get the bugs removed? You are right that they like that area, they are safe in there. I dont have any external bugs coming out, but I have a couple suggestions for you to try like DE (diatematious earth), you can buy it food grade and use it like a powder for both you and your pup. Also some people had some luck adding borax laundry soap to their shampoo, also melaluca oil is good to try on the skin and you can add a cpl drops to your douche. Lots of things for you to try can be found on the forums. Let us know how you do.

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