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Date:   5/12/2015 11:16:58 PM ( 7 y ago)
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Sorry for your pain and suffering. I know how you feel on all counts. Steroids and antibiotic been down that road. I was decomposing alive, all the while being told I was crazy. Was scared to death I would infect my grandchildren. Can't blame them though, who would ever even want to believe this possible. I've just about beat this disease, so just maybe I can help. Try not to be mad at anyone except the morgellons, the stress of it is bad for your immune system. That the key, build your immune system. The steroids and antibiotics really put a hurtin on it. Imagine your immune system an army,now cheer it on. Enough of healing with the mind, it does help though.

The kidneys, drink more water, there is dehydration involed in this. Get some uva ursi, a sap , and start taking it. Drink cranberry juice, not ocean spray , pure no sugar added, dilute it. Eat watermelon , lots of , do a modified watermelon cleanse. Celery is good for the kidneys as well as celery seed tea. Epsom salts baths, and or salt bath be sure and drink lots of water. Vitamin C might help.

God bless

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