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Date:   10/27/2014 9:29:36 PM ( 9 y ago)
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"Agency in the UK had previously stated that the use of organic products do not provide any significant nutritional advantage over the "inorganic", because fruits and vegetables are grown using traditional technologies, contain, according to the norms, a very small number of pesticides."

The body is said to be 2/3 water, and the trillion or so cells that make up every organ in your body swims in that water. One has to think in terms of the accumulations of "a very small number of pesticides." amount to over the years.

It's your choice whether you want your cells swimming in the muck of those years of pesticides, hormones, Flourides, chlorine, GMO organisms, and all the other filth and sludge out there.

Go for it. I prefer to avoid all the muck I can by starting with organic foods, and avoiding all the other nasties out there.

This study reeks of corporate agribusiness backing.



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