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Date:   6/2/2014 8:39:14 PM ( 9 y ago)
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I can understand how frustrated you might be for not being able to start the water fast. It has to be done in your time and not anyone else's. I've fasted many times with the Master Cleanse and just been getting into water fasting. It took many times of practice. I mean attempts and falling short man many times. Each time I attempted I got a bit further and learned a bit more. Please don't be hard on yourself. Take baby steps. Sometimes, life just doesn't cooperate with our plans to fast. What has really helped me a lot with fasting is to include prayer. I start with asking for guidance and strength. I ask for healing. If you ever need a fasting buddy message me. I am thinking of doing another fast starting tomorrow or the day after. I have to listen to my body. Though I have a goal in mind I don't fix on one number. I give myself a range. Anyway, I just had to reach out to you. Good luck and god bless you.

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