Re: The pain never leaves by kerminator .....

Date:   4/7/2014 1:02:03 PM ( 9 y ago)
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First you need to get out of a defeatist attitude; because you are a special person and must think of yourself as such!

Next it sounds as if your home life is not very well guided! Because the parents must set certain rules and limits of behavior... Your brother(s) do not appear to have any boundaries in their life!

Yes, you need to tell or confide in parents, or relatives or neighbors or church members... This type action will only get worse...

learn to pray and ask the Lord Jesus to strengthen you!

Finally you are never responsible for others {like your brother} actions, so do not get a victim mentality - because it is not your fault! Just do what is right!

You can read some of my blogs that can help you...

May God Bless you!

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