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Date:   2/24/2013 1:05:02 AM ( 8 y ago)
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Hi, Milla75, yes, you are very right, we live in a very toxic world--the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the soil we grow that food in, the oceans, and all of the earth is polluted with trash and industrial waste, synthetic pesticides and fertilzers, and chemical toxins of all kinds. Our methods of extracting oil, gas, minerals and other resources from the earth damages the very geophysical structures of the earth itself. All of this adversely affects not only humans but animals, plants, and all living things.

I too hope that as we educate ourselves about the problems, we consumers will push industry and governments all over the world to develop cleaner and "greener" methods of manufactoring, producing energy, and growing food, and protecting our natural resources.

Thanks for your comment!


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