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Date:   10/25/2012 8:17:29 AM ( 9 y ago)
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There are those who use urine to improve health. Urine is used to clear away pimples and to get rid of toe nail fungus. That fact that you are cleaning a kitty litter box is a problem. About 80% of cat owners have a particular parasite. You can try Food Grade Diatomaceou Earth.

It works really really well. I have given it to many people for digestive problems.

Besides the website you mentioned, see They are a wiki of Kitchen Cures. They sell nothing. Earn nothing.

When you fast you are also eliminating the stuff you are allergic to like wheat, peanuts, dairy, corn, etc. I am allergic to oatmeal.

Diatomaceous Earth is very cheap so you won't see it advertised but it makes the body alkaline and clears away pathogens. It also has silicon which is very important for health.

In addition, don't eat grains. They feed parasites and pathogens.

Also you can add in super foods. There is a list of super fooods at:


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