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Date:   10/21/2012 5:15:23 AM ( 11 y ago)
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Hi There,

Just having a look at your blog - Keep up the good work :) I wouldn't worry too much if you have some coconut juice or etc, even if you ate something day 10 etc - I've done a number of long fasts, from the type it seems you are on to ones where I added fresh juices at some point, I find that anytime you close the doors of digestion and go on a liquid fast (not talking protein shakes however) your body goes into detox and pretty much stays there. Eating something will halt this process but only temporarily for a few hours, and if you continue fasting, it just starts up again.

Seems what is most important is continuing - and making a good lifestyle when the fast is over. Try and have a comfortable fast and think of what a feast it is for your soul and temple :)

As far as electrolyte drinks go - found the best thing ever last year for that - strange but true, drink pickle juice right out of the pickle jar when you get really low on energy and drained - it will rejuvenate you like nothing else! I found out about it on here in a blog somewhere and totally advocate it as a great thing to have on hand during any long fast for those days you hit a real slump. some days are easy some days stuff comes up and it's tougher - pretty natural really, especially considering the incredible detox and purification the body undergoes.

You're doing something great and have a lot of strength and discipline to practice this, relax and enjoy it and stay pleased and focused :) Hope you get as much out of the pickle juice tip as I did - you can no doubt search some more info out on it here.


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