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Date:   10/19/2011 4:44:02 PM ( 12 y ago)
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Hey don't ever give up or doubt your commitment to the fast. Don't weigh yourself everyday because fluids in our body fluctuates and sometimes it can cause disappointment on the scale. If you are doing water fast and not consuming anything, it is guaranteed that you will lose weight, just be patient and let fasting transform you.

Fasting really does work. Last year I weighed at 265 pounds and by doing several short fasts I am right now at 232. I pretty much maintained at 232-235 for a while now. But sometimes I find it very hard to maintain the weight because of my addiction to food, I am always afraid I will go back to my old habits. I know as humans we are creatures of habit, but I assure if you stick through your fast, you can train yourself to new healthier habits. I started a blog, where I am starting a 21day water fast, I will be posting daily if you want support or want to be buddies that would be great.

You are on the right path, just do it for yourself and you know you can do it because you did it before.

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