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Date:   9/9/2009 8:28:04 AM ( 13 y ago)
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You're doing great! Day 1 stinks. My mentor helped me with my first fast by giving me this advice: Set small goals. Such as: Goal 1: get through the first day. Hoorah! You did it! Goal 2: Get through 3 days. A lot of people don't, so WHEN you get beyond the 3rd day, you are way ahead of the game. Goal 3: Get through day 5. Usually around day 5 is when your system is completely shut down. Goal 4: Get through day 7. You will have made it a whole week! You get the idea. It worked for me.

Dr. Oz has a juice recipe that is surprisingly good. (Yes, I just admitted that I watched Dr. Oz on Oprah. *sigh*) 1 cucumber, parsley, spinach, inch of ginger, 1 lemon, 2 apples. I think that's it. It's surprisingly good! It tastes like summer. Weird but true.

Also, if there are flavors you don't really like, throw some ginger in. Ginger is your friend. Once I put to much in a drink and I called it my Tom Jones juice, because it was a kung fu fighter the entire way down with its kick.

Be aware of mood swings! There will be times things will get to you for no reason. They will seem to make sense at the time, but when you finally calm down (get the released toxins out of your circulatory system), you will wonder why you were so upset. So when you do get upset, ask yourself if this would have normally bothered you. If not, you are most likely having a cleanse.

You will get "sick". Expect it. It's called a cleansing crisis. It's your body working overtime to get rid of sickness, toxins, and so on. Let it do its thing! If you eat because you "feel bad", then your body has to quit cleaning those toxins leaving them right where they are just to go and digest. You will feel great once it's over. Almost like you are squeaky clean!

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