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Date:   7/13/2009 11:25:04 PM ( 13 y ago)
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I am so sorry to hear of your pain. To lose a loved one to death can be very grievous. I felt this when I lost my baby brother (he was only 46 and it was a shock I was not prepared for).

Time heals all wounds, and like the Marx Brothers said, "Time wounds all heels." I trust that God - or Universe - or Allah - whatever one wants to call that Huge Sentient Being that Gives Life and Sentience to All - shall be the perfect Balancer.

It seems that most of us seek to find our Mission in this world and those who have a strong sense of mission are SO happy! I do not know what your mission is or even really what my own mission is, except for one thing: I think for all of us who wish for PEACE on Earth, TOLERANCE between peoples, and LOVE for the children and animals and nature -- we are helping the world very much with every such feeling and thought and when we uplift our own lives and pull ourselves out of our depths of grief, pull ourselves out of delusions that may cause hate or anger and hurtfulness, when we are POSITIVE even in very small ways, we are HELPING this world and everyone in it.

I believe we are all much more connected than we realize. There is a time for grief and suffering seems to be a part of the package in this world no matter if you are a king or a poor wo/man or child, but we have in our power to transform this Earth to be BEAUTIFUL and we will do it.

Yes. I do believe it. We SHALL do it.

Best wishes, Michele

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