Re: pain after gallbladder removed by mommywhoneedsanswers .....

Date:   6/23/2009 5:22:52 PM ( 12 y ago)
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Hello! I know you posted this last year, but reading it was like reading somehting I would have posted. I just turned 26 and am going through EXACTLY what you posted. I've had these symptoms since I was 15, had my gallbladder removed a while ago and still have symptoms, usualy a demoral shot in ER and I go home and symptoms disapear after a while, last 2 times I was hospitalized and only thing that worked to take edge off the pain was morphine through an IV. They are getting worse and worse. I was wondering if you ever found out what was/is wrong? And what they did about it? How are you doing? Thanks so much!

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